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Is it just me or does April seem like a ho-hum month for SoCal? March was a great month, but April is half over and has just been blah. Last month had a huge XPW show, WWF was in SoCal, Rev Pro had two shows with each shows main event being in the top 5 matches of the month, UPW had a huge show, MPW made its debut, ACW, UIWA, and CCW all had big shows, and of course the UPW rule that brought so much talk on the message boards.

Now here it is April 15th and everything is quiet. UIWA, IWC, and Rev Pro have all held big shows so far. UIWA’s show didn’t cause a lot of talk except for a few people talking about how small the crowd was and that the workers didn’t seem motivated. Since there were so few people there it didn’t really cause much of a stir. Rev Pro put out another spectacular show. The main event was incredible. I missed Super Dragon vs. B-Boy but did see the card before that with Super Dragon & Rising Son vs. Kikuzawa & Ultra Taro Jr. The tag match between Dragon/Son and B-Boy/Excalibur was a better match than Dragon/Son and Kikuzawa/Taro and the later was the #3 ranked match for March. So it appears Rev Pro may dominate the rankings once again. As for IWC, as of this writing nothing has been said about the show. Nothing!

April hopefully will start to pick up a little. On the 21st is the much anticipated XPW “Scene of the Crime” show (more on that later). Also UPW has a big show on the 25th with Edge & Christian and Tommy Dreamer all on the card. Plus Rev Pro is at it again on the 27th with a card featuring a couple more matches that should be fighting for match of the month, B-Boy vs. Mr. Excitement and Super Dragon vs. Excalibur. So while the month started slow, it has a chance to finish strong.

I think XPW is making a mistake going to the Grand Olympic. Part of the fun of the last XPW show was the crowd. If XPW draws its normal 1000-1500 people a 5000+ seat arena is going to kill the crowd. It needs a place where the crowd will look packed and the noise the crowd makes won’t be lost into empty space.

If XPW does continue to use the Olympic, one thing I would like to see them do is bring back the annual battle royals. I think that it could be a draw for them, I’d just hope they don’t turn it into a bed of nails battle royal or something.

With’s relaunch they are showing why they are the #1 news site about wrestling in SoCal. That site is the true innovator of sites devoted to the scene here in SoCal. They are doing a terrific job. Rev, you made Ranmal eat his words. Congrats to all.

It’s great that we have three sites devoted to wrestling in SoCal and not just one voice is being heard. Plus I think the sites drive each other to do the best they can and it makes every site better and benefits the entire territory.

San Diego needs pro-wrestling on a regular basis. The time is ripe for someone to start up or for someone to start coming down. Maybe WCWA or CCW can step up and fill the void.

SoCal UNCENSORED World Tour coming in May.

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