XPW “Baptised In Blood: King of the Death Match Tournament”

In July of 1999, a new renegade promotion was born: Xtreme Pro Wrestling. Throughout late 1999, XPW would release 3 videos, this being their third. They would tour Southern California with shows, resembling that of ECW. XPW was determined to put on a show that was more hardcore than the rest. XPW was determined to set new standards in Southern California.

Well, they did that with this video… with garbage fans.

BAPTIZED IN BLOOD is a video full of blood, violence, barbed wire, bed of… everything, and more. For more information on XPW, visit http://xpwrestling.com!

Now, to the tape…

Larry Rivera and Kris Kloss introduce fans to the video.

Chris Candido comes out with Tammy Sytch by his side. Basically talks about how he’s been screwed throughout his career, and is now being screwed here in XPW. He called out Damien Steele, the XPW World Champion. Steele comes out with his Heiarchy, consisting of Jake Lawless and Nicole Bass (whose face is blurred). Steele talks about how Chris Candido won’t get a title shot that night, and tell him to “stick it.” And out comes Lizzy Borden, “The Boss’ Wife.” She forces Damien Steele to face Damien Steele that night.

//ROUND 1//MATCH// Supreme vs. Kid Kaos
(Bed of Barbed Wire and Nails match)

Supreme comes out, with his intro playing. Then Kaos, with his intro. Meaningless shit. The match starts off with Kaos and Supreme showing a bit of mat work, with Supreme rushing to the rope for the break. They trade blows, with Kaos hits Supreme with a dropkick. Supreme rolls to the outside, and Kaos hits Supreme with an over the top rope sommersault plancha. Kaos then rubs Supreme’s head into the bed of barbed wire. Supreme fights back with fists, and throws Kaos into the guardrail. Supreme sets up the bed of barbed wire against the outside ring post. He grabs Kaos, and whips him in to it. Kaos does a baseball slide to dodge, but Supreme quickly hits him with a clothesline. Supreme picks up Kaos, whips him, but Kaos reverses it. Supreme rammed into the bed of barbed wire. Kaos sets up the bed of barbed wire once again, against the post, whips Supreme into the bed of barbed wire once again. As Supreme falls, the bed of barbed wire falls onto him. Kaos throws Supreme into the ring, and hits him with an inverted DDT. Kaos goes to the top rope, and hits a twisting sommersault plancha. Kaos whips Supreme into the bed of nails. Kaos tried it again, but it gets reversed. Kaos hits the bed of nails. Supreme goes to the outside, and bring in the bed of barbed wire into the ring. He then drags the table of barbed wire, and sets it up outside. Supreme goes to the top rope, but Kaos gets up. As they’re on the top rope, Kaos hits Supreme with a hurricana onto the table of barbed wire. The table breaks! Supreme gets up, and Kaos hits him with a chair. Supreme no sells, and Kaos quickly hits him with punches. Supreme gets into the ring, followed by Kaos. Kaos whips Supreme into the rope, but is reversed. Supreme then picks up Kaos, and drops him onto the bed of barbed wire. Supreme punches Kaos, as Kaos lies on the bed of barbed wire. Supreme power bomb’s Kaos onto a bed of barbed-wire. Supreme places the bed of barbed wire on top of Kaos, and goes to the top rope. Supreme hits a moonsault! It’s over. Supreme wins!

Rating: **1/2

//ROUND 1//MATCH// The Messiah vs. “White Trash” Johnny Webb
(Barbed Wire Ladder and Thumptacks Match)

Messiah comes out, with an intro. Johnny Webb comes out with an intro, as well. Webb comes out drinking liquor, straight out of the bottle. The match starts off with each wrestler circling the other. They lock up, and trade blows. Messiah knocks down Webb, and begins punching again. He whips Webb into the corner, and follows up with a clothesline. He then suplexes him, and goes fro the pin. Webb kicks out. Messiah then begins to whale on Webb once again. He picks up Webb, and whips him into the rope. Leap frog, and Webb hits him with a kick to the groin. Webb then goes to the top rope, and hits a leg drop. Webb picks up Messiah, and throws him to the outside. Webb follows, and hits Messiah with a suplex onto a table. The table barely breaks. Webb goes to the stage, and grabs the barbed wire ladder. He throws the ladder into the ring. Messiah goes into the ring, but is caught by Webb. Webb kicks Messiah, and grabs the ladder. He hits him with it 3 times, knocking him down with the final blow. As Messiah gets up, Webb grabs the ladder, and sets it up against the rope. He suplexes Messiah, but is reversed. Webb is suplexed onto the ladder. Both men are down. Messiah is up first, and goes to the top. Webb shakes the rope, and Messiah falls to the outside. But in mid-air, Messiah hits the ladder, hitting Webb in the face with it. Messiah gets into the ring, and takes advantage with punches once again. He sets up the ladder against the corner, and goes to the top. He jumps, with all his leverage on the ladder, onto Webb. He sets up the ring in the middle of the ring, and tried to climb up to get the bag of thumbtacks. Webb kicks the ladder, and Messiah takes a sick bump. Webb gets the ladder, and tosses it onto Messiah. Webb sets it up in the middle of the ring, and grabs the bag of thumbtacks, but falls back. Webb unties the bag, and hits Messiah with it. Webb throws the ladder to the outside of the ring, and takes advantage. He spreads the tacks all over the ring. Webb hits a ddt onto the Messiah, onto the tacks. Messiah is bleeding. Webb picks up Messiah, and sets him up on the top rope. Webb climb up, but Messiah hits Webb with a sunset flip onto the tacks. Webb kicks out. Messiah is the first up, and whips Webb into the rope. Webb reverses, and Messiah then reverses that. Messiah hits Webb with a crossbody splash, and the cover. Messiah wins.

Rating: ***

//ROUND 1//MATCH// Kronus vs. Carlito Montana (Bed of Barbed Wire and Bed of Lightbulbs) Carlito comes out first, with his intro. Kronus comes out, with his intro. The match starts off with Kronus and Carlito locking up. Kronus and Carlito trade off with a series of mat work, with both testing eachother out. Kronus takes advantage with a series of kicks and punches. Kronus whips Montana into the corner, and hits him with a body splash. Kronus throws Motana to the outside. Kronus follows, and Montana takes advantage. Montana hits Kronus with a series of punches, but Kronus throws Montana onto a bed of barbed wire quickly. Montana gets up, and Kronus begins to walk the other way. Montana punches Kronus, followed by a clothesline. Montana punches Kronus, but Kronus blocks it. He drags him to the other side of the arena, and suplexes Montana onto a bed of lightbulbs. You could see shards of glass in Montana’s back! Kronus sets up a table on the other side of the ring, as Montana follows. Montana chops Kronus, and places Kronus on the table. Montana hits a senton on Kronus, but the table doesn’t break. Kronus grabs Montana, and both men are on the apron. Kronus hits Montana with a bottle of liquor. Bottle doesn’t break either. Kronus places Montana on the apron once again, and powebombs him onto the table! Kronus covers, and it’s over.

Rating: *

//ROUND 1//MATCH// Axl Rotten vs. Homeless Jimmy
(Barbed wire bat, beds of nail, glass)

Jimmy comes out with a shopping cart, full of weapons. Axl comes out, with two barbed wire bats. The match starts off with jimmy running towards Axl, with an axe handle punch. Axl grabs the barbed wire bat, and rakes it across Jimmy’s face. Axl takes Jimmy’s face against the bat once again. Axl picks up Jimmy and whips him into the bed of nails set up against the corner. Axl whips jimmy to the other corner, with a bed of nails against it. Jimmy hits the bed of nails again. Jimmy rolls out, and grabs a chair out of his cart. Jimmy hits Axl with a sheet metal. Jimmy grabs a chain, and hits Axl with it. He rakes it against Axl’s face, and hits him with it. Jimmy grabs the bat, but Axl hits him from behind. Axl grabs the bat, and rakes it against jimmy’s face AGAIN. Jimmy grabs the sheet metal, and hits him. Jimmy whips Axl to the cart, but Axl reverses. Jimmy hits the shopping cart, full force. Axl grabs the sheet metal, and hits him again with it. And again. Jimmy grabs his own, and hits Axl with it. They trade blows, and axl throws Jimmy into the ring. Axl has a chair, but jimmy goes to the stage. Axl follows. Jimmy has Jimmy by the air, and hits jimmy on the head with the chair. Jimmy falls onto the bed of glass. Axl covers, and gets the win.

Rating: -*

//MATCH// JN vs. Chronic
(Regular match, not part of the death match tournament)

JN comes out, acting like an idiot. Chronic is already in the ring. The match starts off with JN punching Chronic. Chronic pushes JN into the corner, and begins giving him a series of kick. JN comes out of the corner with a clothesline. JN kicks Chronic while he’s down. JN gives Chronic a leg drop, and a cover. Kick out. JN picks up JN, but Chronic gives JN a shoulder block. JN gives a shoulder block, then a hp toss. JN looks groggy, as if he were to throw up. Chronic hits JN in the back with a chair. Chronic, with JN in the corner, hits him with a flip into a shoulder block. And JN vomits. JN powebombs Chronic. JN covers, but there’s a kickout. JN pukes again. He pikcs up Chronic, and whips him in to the rope. Chronic comes back with a tornado DDT. While JN is down, he pukes again. Both men are down. Both me get up at the same time, and JN goes for a clothesline. He misses, and Chronic kicks him in the chin of his leg. Chronic hits a Russian leg sweep, and Chronic goes for a sommersault senton, and the cover. JN kicks out. Chronic hgoes outside, and brings in a table. Chronic sets up the table, in the middle of the ring, but JN grabs a chair and swings it. He misses, and Chronic hits a Jump kick, ala RVD. Chronic goes for a acid drop, but the table does not break. The leg of the table broke. Chronic picks up JN, and whips him into the rope. JN reverses, and hits chronic with a slam. The lights go out, and out comes MUSTAFA. He gets into the ring, and begins to beat on JN. Chronic sets up a table in the corner, and Mustafa whips JN, followed by a big boot. They both whip JN into the table. Chronic picks up a microphone, hands it to Mustafa. Mustafa tells the crowd to kiss his black ass. He calls out anyone from the back, and from the crowd. He hands the microphone to Chronic, and he does the same. This match REALLY fucking sucks. I guess Chronic wins, but he didn’t cover JN.

Rating: -*****

//SEMI-FINALS//MATCH// Supreme vs. The Messiah
(Beds of nails, barbed wire, and thumbtacks match)

Messiah comes out, with bandages wrapped around his head. Supreme comes out, with a bandages wrapped around his head as well. The match starts off with both wrestlers punching eachother, trying to ram eachother into the bed of nails. Supreme hits Messiah with a lariat, and Messiah rolls our. Messiah walks the other way, followed by Supreme. Messiah rolls into the ring, and supreme rolls in. Supreme takes advantage with an irish whip, but Messiah hits a lion sault, but Supreme rolls out, onto a bed of thumbtacks. Messiah ddt’s supreme onto the hardwood floor. Messiah places the bed of tacks into the ring. Messiah punches Supreme a shitload of times. Messiah rolls Supreme into the ring, setting him down on the second rope. Messiah goes to the top, and hits a guillotine legdrop. Messiah falls into the bed of thumbtacks on his way down. You can see tacks all over their bodies. Supreme whips Messiah into the bed of nails, followed up by a big body splash. Supreme aligns the bed of tacks in the middle of the ring. He picks up Messiah, and whips him into the rope, followed by a toss. Messiah reverses in mid-air with a sunset flip, and slams Supreme into the bed of tacks. Supreme gets up, and Messiah whips him into the bed of nail. He then whips him to the other side, onto a bed of nails. Messiah takes off Supreme’s shirt, and grinds Supreme’s open arm in the nails. He whips supreme into the other side, onto a bed of nails again. He kicks Supreme. He then whips Supreme into a bed of barbed wire, set up in the corner. Supreme hits Messiah with a lowblow. He then slams messiah with a front vertical suplex onto the tacks. Supreme rolls out, and looks under the ring, he grabs a chair. He’s got 2 chairs now. He tosses them into the ring. He then gets ANOTHER chair, and tosses it into the ring. Supreme grabs one chair, and sets it up. And another, and sets it up parallel to the other one. He then places the bed of tacks on the two chairs, and hits Messiah with the third chair. Supreme places Messiah on the table of tacks, and goes to the top rope. He goes to the corner, and removes the bed of barbed wire. He grabs a chair, and goes to the top. He has the chair, and hits the toad splash onto Messiah. He goes for the cover, and gets the win. As Messiah gets up, Webb comes out and hits Messiah with a sheet of metal. XPW security drag Webb out of the ring area.

Rating: ***1/2

//SEMI-FINALS//MATCH//Kronus vs. Axl Rotten
(Beds of barbed wire, lightbulbs, and barbed wire bat match)

Both guys come out, and Axl looks the most fucked up. Match starts off with both men trading punches. Axl hits Kronus so hard, Kronus over-sells it! They both roll out, and Axl rams Kronus into the post. Kronus kicks Axl in the nuts, and they both roll into the ring. Axl grabs the bat, and grinds Kronus’ face into it. He grinds the bat into Kronus’ face AGAIN. He then punches Kronus 3 times. Kronus replies with a low blow. Kronus grabs the bat, and grinds Axl’s face into it. Kronus kicks Axl in the chest. Axl fights back with a series of punches, and a ddt. Axl signals for a chair and a bed of barbed wire. He sets up the bed against the rope. He grabs the bed, and sets it up against the corner. He picks up Kronus, and suplrexes him, but Kronus blocks, and suplexes Axl into the bed of barbed wire. Kronus covers, and gets the win.

Rating: -*

//XPW World Title Match//MATCH// Chris Candido vs. “The Real Deal” Damien Steele

The champion, Damien Steele, comes out first. Out comes Chris Candido, with Tammy Sytch. Chris Candido comes out with a Terry Funk-style outfit. Striped tights, and a headband. The match starts off with bith men, trading hadshots. Steele whips candido to the outside. Steele hits a plancha, to the outside. Steele and Candido trade shots outside. Candido rams steele into the guardrail. Candido tries it again, but Steele revserses it. Candido goes over the rail, spilling out into the crowd. They go back into the ring area, with Candido with the advantage. Both men are on the stage area, where Candido hits a vertical suplex, but Steele reverses it with a snap suplex. Steele covers. 2 count. Candido whips Steele into the ring, with Steele hopping over the top rope, from the stage. Candido grabs a ladder, and places it in the corner. He climbs up the ladder, and hits a flying headbutt… and misses. It slipped out from under him. They both spill out into the crowd, again. They head over to the bar, where they trade punches again. Candido tosses Steele into the bar. Candido grabs a chair, and hits Steele with it. Steele slams Candido’s head onto the bar. Both men are standing on the bar. As they trade punches, Candido tosses Steele to the ground. Candido hits a elbow drop from the bar, and covers, and gets the win. Candido is the new XPW World Champion.

Rating: **


He then shoots on: WCW, Bill Busch, Kevin Sullivan, and well, you get the rest!

//Finals//MATCH// Supreme vs. Kronus
(No ropes, barbed wire, bed of everything match)

Kerry King comes out, to introduce the combatants of the final round, of the King of the Deathmatch Tournament. Supreme comes out, and rolls into the ring. Kronus then comes out, sliding by the barbed wire. They stare off in the middle of the ring, and Kronus takes quick advantage. Kronus picks up Supreme, and drops him onto a bed of lightbulbs. Kronus grtabs a lightbulb, and breaks it on top of Supreme’s head. Kronus dropkicks Kronus. They trade punches, and Kronus slams Supreme again. Kronus punches Supreme, and throws Supreme “gently” through the barbed wire. They’re on the stage, and Kronus superkicks Supreme, with Supreme landing on a bed of glass. Kronus picks up Supreme, and punches him again. Kronus grinds his face into a grid fixture, and picks up a shard of glass. Kronus grinds it in Supreme’s head. They both get back into the ring, where Kronus hits a spinning heelkick. Kronus hit a drop-toe-hold onto Supreme, face first into a bed of thumbtacks. Kronus kicks Supreme as he gets up. Kronus then hits a roundhouse kick, with Supreme landing again on the bed of thumbtacks. Supreme gives Kronus a lowblow, and takes advantage. Supreme whips Kronus into the barbed wire. Supreme kicks Kronus, and tried to whip him. Kronus revserses it, and Supreme hits the barbed wire, falls through the barbed wire, to the outside. Sick shit. Supreme fights back, and grinds Kronus’ face into the barbed wire. Supreme goes to the stage, but then into the ring. Supreme grabs bolt cutters, and cuts off the barbed wire from the ring posts. While he’s doing that, kronus goes to the stage, and sets up a table. Kronus sets up the table in front of a ladder. Supreme grabs the barbed wire he cut off, and tosses it onto Kronus. They both spill out to the ring. The barbed wire is stuck to Kronus’ skin. As they battle on the stage, kronus wraps the barbed wire around supreme. They both battle over to the table where supreme places Kronus on the table. Supreme climbs up the ladder, and goes for a toad splash. The table barely breaks. Supreme covers, and gets the win. Supreme is the King of the Deathmatch!

Rating: **

Overall Rating: ***

The tape is not for any wrestling fan, but for that of hardcore style. There’s lots of blood involved in this tape, and at press time (March 2001), XPW has released a boatload of new videos. Including BAPTIZED IN BLOOD 2, where Supreme takes one of the sickest bumps I’ve ever seen. To learn more about XPW, visit http://xpwrestling.com!

-“Flapping Phoenix” Ranmal”