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Take a look at the current XPW. Not the XPW you find on home video. Not the XPW on old TV tapes you have. But, take a look at today’s XPW. Watch XPW’s show on March 17. If you can’t be there in person get a tape of it. Watch the TV program in the weeks that will follow it. And if you still have the same opinion of XPW , then you go right on bashing or ignoring what has truly become one of the nation’s best wrestling companies. But, I somehow feel that even you, even those of you who pick apart everything they do and look for only the negatives to report on, will find an XPW you never believed could be.

– Rick Mandell @ www.xpwrestling.com

When I read Rick Mandell’s guest editorial on the XPW site I wasn’t expecting the show that I witnessed Saturday night. Maybe it was the fact that I didn’t expect much, maybe it was the fact I got a raise at work, or more than likely this is the new XPW Rick talks about. “The Night XPW Stood Still” was a damn good show. One of the best shows I have been to in awhile. Now I said four days ago “If XPW put on a good show, I’d say so.” Well I’m saying so.

I could hardly believe this was the same promotion that put on D-Day. Homeless Jimmy against Dynamite D doing a Brother Love impersonation was a great way to start the show. The Brother Love gimmick was way over.

Sabu was on top of his game, and Kid Kaos put in a great performance. XPW is doing the smart thing having Sabu get the XPW Title fame and respect. Sabu will hit one year with the title next month. Before Sabu got the strap I recall people complaining that XPW needed to build up its title. With the XPW title being defended all over the world and Sabu holding it so long, this title means something now.

Words can’t really do the main event justice. It was one of the wildest matches I have ever witnessed. A lot of people think that New Jack can’t wrestle and call what he does “garbage”. I don’t care if you feel that way or not. He puts his body on the line every show for our entertainment, and for that, like him or not, you should respect him. When XPW first got New Jack, I thought it was no big deal. New Jack is going to be big for XPW. Messiah, Supreme, and Grimes all put in solid performances also. I’d like to see Messiah do more actual wrestling matches, but he is damn entertaining at the non-traditional matches also.

The show was not 100% flawless however. Big Dick Dudley SHOULD NOT be allowed anywhere near the mike, and under no circumstance should he be given two matches in one night. One match is more than enough. What happened to Juvi? Sabu and Kaos put in great performances, but Juvi blew it in a bad way. That match could have been so much better than it was, but even saying that as of know I’d rank it number three or four in my top five SoCal matches of the month. Damn, Patriot Hall is hot. I hope the XPW Arena has some AC. Maybe it is a good thing that there was so little wrong with the show that I have to complain about the heat.

XPW erased D-Day from my mind Saturday night. They put on one hell of a show and from what I hear the last few shows before this one were solid also. Rick, you talked the talk and XPW walked the walk. If anyone out there hasn’t taken the XPW challenge, I strongly suggest that you do. Like Rick says “You may find an XPW you never believed could be.”

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