XPW Challenge?

XPW seems to be the fed everyone loves to hate. People say that it is “garbage wrestling”, “it’s porn”, “the storylines are horrible”, “it’s a shame to wrestling”, and everything else under the sun.

Personally the last XPW show I attended was D-Day in May 2000. Almost one year ago. The show for lack of better words was simply bad. Now, I know every fed has bad shows. There is not a promotion out there that has gone with never having a bad show. So that being said, I’m not one to rule out an entire promotion because of a single bad show.

The Heatwave incident occurred. In my opinion it was totally without class and was completely uncalled for. I could not understand why a promotion would try to wreck another promotions show for publicity. If you want to prove yourself, do it in the ring. Because of that incident I decided there is much better things I could use my money on than to support XPW.

Last week XPWrestling.com put up a guest editorial by Rick Mandell called “A challenge to wrestling journalists, magazines, web sites, trash talkers, and other promotions out there”. In this editorial Rick asks:

Take a look at the current XPW. Not the XPW you find on home video. Not the XPW on old TV tapes you have. But, take a look at today’s XPW. Watch XPW’s show on March 17. If you can’t be there in person get a tape of it. Watch the TV program in the weeks that will follow it. And if you still have the same opinion of XPW , then you go right on bashing or ignoring what has truly become one of the nation’s best wrestling companies. But, I somehow feel that even you, even those of you who pick apart everything they do and look for only the negatives to report on, will find an XPW you never believed could be.

Almost a year has passed since D-Day, Heatwave was last summer. It’s time I follow Rick’s advice and give XPW another chance. So, March 17th I will make the drive to Reseda. I will buy my ticket. I will sit in Patriot Hall and watch “today’s XPW”. And if the show is good, I will say so. I will not bash or ignore XPW. I will give my honest opinion of the product, and the show. Of course if the show is bad, the same goes.

Hopefully there will not be too much Rob Black. I hope there are some 5 star matches. I hope there is something on Saturday, March 17th that makes me jump out of my seat and chant “XPW XPW XPW” or yell “Holy Shit!”. If those things come to be, my column on Sunday will clearly say so. If it’s the opposite and the show ends up like D-Day or Rob Black has to come out fifty times, my column on Sunday will clearly say so.

ick, you are getting your wish. This Saturday I will take the XPW Challenge. Will I choose XPW?

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