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Santino Bros. – 17 September 2016 – Quick Results

Kaos defeated Famous B to become the Santino Bros. Heavyweight Champion in the main event of the Santino Bros. Wrestling event in Bell Gardens, CA on Saturday night. Also on the show, Douglas James defeated Jake Atlas. Click for results. Santino Bros. Wrestling Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy September 17, 2016 Bell Gardens, CA Laberinto defeated […]


Announcements for H.A.T.E’s debut event “You Can’t Sit With Us” this Saturday night in East LA

This Saturday night in East Los Angeles, H.A.T.E presents their very first show “You Can’t Sit With Us” at the Underground Auditorium. New matches and a special guest host and M.C. for the event have been announced. Current AWS Heavyweight Champion and H.A.T.E member “The Gawd Damn Man” Tyler Bateman will be competing in singles […]