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PWG’s ”All Star Weekend V” Takes Place April 7 & 8!

By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer Citrus Heights, CA – Recently, myself and another Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (http://www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com) employee were discussing what type of professional wrestling fan would miss out on an event as spectacular as PWG’s All Star Weekend V. I said it was a fan that was uncool. It’s this huge event, tickets are […]

Changes to PWG’s ”70 | 30” & ASWV Ticket Info!

Good news everybody! Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (http://www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com) Commissioner Dino Winwood just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance. As always, there is bad news too. In an ill conceived ass-Xeroxing incident, “Photogenic” Chris Bosh proved to be too heavy for the layer of glass on top of the photocopier and received lacerations to […]

PWG Presents ”70 | 30” on March 24, 2007!

By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer Big Pine, CA – This past weekend at “Album of the Year,” Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (http://www.prowrestlingguerilla.com) Commissioner Dino Winwood declared that 2007 is expected to be a year of tremendous growth for the company, and to help cope with that growth, Dino appointed Excalibur to the position of Commissioner of […]

PWG Presents ”Holy Diver Down” On February 24, 2007!

By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer Loma Linda, CA – While 2007 has already seen Human Tornado ascend to the top of the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (http://www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com) food chain, it has also seen a precipitous decline in the career of another PWG wrestler, Super Dragon. Dragon, who has been on a losing streak since late 2006, […]

PWG Presents ”Threemendous” on July 16, 2006!

By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer Pismo Beach, CA – Has it really been three years since Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (http://www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com) made it’s debut in the world of professional wrestling? Well, to be quite honest, at the time of writing, it was still a few weeks short of PWG’s third anniversary, but there is excitement in […]

PWG’s First Annual ”Battle of Los Angeles” on September 3 & 4!

By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer Don Pedro Reservoir, CA – As Pro Wrestling Guerrilla”s (http://www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com) biggest tournament since the last one quickly approaches, nerves are frayed and patience is at it”s end in the offices of SoCal Valerie Wyndham and Dino Winwood, the PWG commissionatorial staff. Word came late last week that Chris Sabin had […]


Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Six interview

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Six (Super Dragon, Excalibur, Joey Ryan, Disco Machine, Scott Lost, & Topgun Talwar) interview by Steve BryantRecently I had a chance to talk with the six wrestlers who are behind the new Pro Wrestling Guerrilla promotion. Super Dragon, Excalibur, Joey Ryan, Scott Lost, Disco Machine, and Topgun Talwar are all pretty well known around the scene as wrestlers, […]

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Set To Explode July 26

For Immediate Release Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Set To Explode July 26 By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer LOS ANGELES, California – Fans of professional wrestling worldwide, get ready, because on July 26th, 2003, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) makes it’s debut at Frank & Sons’ Collectible Showcase, in City of Industry, CA. This group was created by six Southern California-based wrestlers, Disco […]