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Lucha Libre VIP in Pico Rivera, Ca

Lucha Libre VIP will be having another fantatsic event on Sunday October 11th at 5p!

Former WWE/WCW/ECW star Nicho El Millonario (Psychosis), Former WCW Damian 666, El Zarco, Tornado Negro II & TJ Boy
The LA F’ers-Acero Dorado, Piloto Suicida, Dr. Maldad, Shamu Jr & El Bionico

Misterioso Jr, Gatson & Enigma vs Blood Eagle, “Mr. Excitement” Ryan Kidd & Lil Cholo

Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) & Douglas James
Krazy Fly, Lord Drako & Pakal

The Revelation (Biggie Biggs & “The Definition of Pain” Terex) vs Jaguar de Oro & Hector Canales

“The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme & “The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker” Raze
Thunder Rosa & Datura

Kid Tornado & Luchador Sorpresa vs Antrax & Potro Romano

$20 Adults & $10 Kids

Lucha Libre VIP in Pico Rivera, Ca

Lucha Libre VIP returns to Pico Rivera on Sunday September 13th for another great event for all you So Cal Fans!!


LLVIP Ladies Cup featuring:
Lady Lee
Thunder Rosa
“The Fallen Flower” Kikyo Nakamura
“The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker” Raze
“The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme

Little Cholo vs TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno

Zokre, Valiente & Dragon Lee
Shamu Jr, Dr. Maldad & Misterioso Jr

and more!!

Lucha Libre VIP in Pico Rivera, Ca

Lucha Libre VIP ends the month of August with another great Lucha Libre event back in Pico Rivera, Ca on Sunday Aug 30th at 5pm.

TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno will be in action!!!

Lucha Underground’s & So Cal’s own Willie Mack, Little Cholo & Mariachi Loco will compete on the show!!

High Flying Los Luchas will be in action!!

and a 6 on 6 match as the LA F’ers vs The Revelation!!

plus a whole lot more LUCHA!!!!!

Fun for the Family!

Lucha Libre VIP in Pico Rivera, Ca

Come get your Lucha on with Lucha Libre VIP as they return to Pico Rivera on Sunday, Aug 16th at 5pm!!

“El Heredero De Plata” Axel, Puma King & Decniss
Dr. Maldad, Lil Cholo & Shamu Jr.

Gran Lucha Championship:
Misterioso Jr (c) vs Mariachi Loco

Los Luchas (Zokre & Phoenix Star) vs Blood Eagle & Brandon Gatson

Pincepe Unlimited, Jaguar De Oro & Sin Limite Jr
Krazy Fly, La Flecha Fugaz & “The Guardian” Lestat

Transformer & Pequenio Shamu vs Asgar & Classicus Shadow

Triple Threat Match:
Famous B vs “Bad Dude” Tito Escondido vs “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy

$20 Rows 1,2 & 3
$10 Gen. Admission

Lucha Libre VIP in Pico Rivera, Ca

Lucha Libre VIP has teamed up with the foundation junior and they are making a difference! On Sunday 2 th of August Luchalibre VIP will be present at A Mi Hacienda de Pico Rivera for only $ 10 a ticket! Do not miss it! Please join us for a night of great fun and help us make a difference for families affected by childhood cancer! ?#?Juniorfoundation? ?#?Luchalibrevip?

Hijo De Rey Misterio, Misterioso Jr & Mariachi Loco
vs Acero Dorado, Shamu Jr & Little Cholo

Rey Horus, Zokre & Sin Limite Prince
Piloto Suicida, Impacto 2000 & Dr. Maldad

Mercurio, Potro Romano & Crazy Love
Bionico, Sin Limite Jr & “The Guardian” Lestat

Nightmare & Rayo De Plata vs Flecha Fugaz & “The Manster” Warhog

Ciclon Moreliano & Poder Infernal
Asgar & Transformer

$20-Rows 1,2 & 3
$10 General admission

Lucha Libre VIP in Pico Rivera, Ca

Lucha Libre VIP is coming to Pico Rivera, ca on Sunday July 12th at 5p!

Hijo de Dos Caras & Bobby Lee Jr. vs Hijo def Fishman & Caneck Jr.

Misterioso Jr, Blood Eagle & Shamu Jr
Mariachi Loco, Lil Cholo & Acero Dorado

Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre)
Los Sin Limites (Prince Sin Limite & Sin Limite Jr.)

“The Guardian” Lestat & Jaguar de Oro
Pequenio Shamu & Alto Voltage

Nightmare, Classicus Shadow & Transformer Boy
Asgar, Black Puma & “The Manster” Warhog

Dinamic Black vs “Mr. Excitment” Ryan Kidd

Lucha Libre VIP in Cudhay, Ca

On Sunday, June 7th come to the Potrero Nightclub & catch some Lucha Libre VIP action!!!Lucha Libre VIP 6-7-15

CMLL star Rush & Misterioso vs Lucha Underground star Brian Cage & AAA Star Steve Pain

Datura & Futuro 2 Mil vs Sage Sin Supreme & Crazy Love

Transformer Boy & Classicus Shadow vs Sangre De Indio & Black Puma

Sin Limite, Romero & Urzus vs Blood Eagle, Acero Dorado & Shamu Jr.

Plus a 15 Luchadors battle for the LLVIP Cup!!

plus many more!!

$25 Row 1 & 2
$15 Gen. Ad
$10 Kids

www.boletosvip.com for online tixs