Superboy – The son of El Moro, and a member of the Moro dynasty, Super Boy was one of the early innovators of the lucha/puroresu hybrid style that would lead to today’s modern style of wrestling. Training at the legendary Gil’s Garage in Los Angeles, Super Boy made his in ring debut in the late 1980s. He would wrestle throughout Southern California’s fledgling lucha scene and in Mexico. In August 1993 Super Boy along with another local luchador Piloto Suicida were selected to go on a tour in Japan with Michinoku Pro wrestling. It was there, teaming with the likes of Super Delfin and wrestling against wrestlers such as Great Sasuke, Terry Boy, and SATO that his style began to evolve into a more hybrid style that was unseen before. He also began wrestling regularly for AAA at the time as well. While Super Boy would remain a regular with Michinoku Pro throughout the 1990s, he also continued to wrestle regularly in Southern California as well, wowing fans and wrestlers throughout the region with his skill. Super Boy was one of the first lucha libre based wrestlers in Southern California to really cross over into non-lucha promotions such as Freddy Valentine’s All Star Championship Wrestling. He also became a semi-regular in Revolution Pro, where the style of wrestling was similar to what he was helping to create in Michinoku Pro. Knee injuries eventually ended his in-ring career, but Super Boy has managed to continue to make an impact in the Southern California wrestling scene as a trainer. Notable among the students that have been trained by him are the next generation of the Moro Dynasty in Super Boy Jr., Principe Indu Jr., and Legacy.

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