Louie Spicolli

A Dedication to Louie

I can think of no one more deserving than Louie Spicoli to be inducted into the Inaugural Southern California Pro-Wrestling Hall Of Fame. I doubt that I can write as great a dedication as some of his closer friends like Bill Anderson, Tim Patterson or John and Dave Hannah, but I will do my best to do Louie right.

I have to be thankful for the times that Louie set aside to work with me when I was just starting out and the experience that I gained working with him all over. It was always a learning experience being in the ring with him, or just watching him from the back.

He was as versatile a wrestler as I have ever seen. Not only could he work any style of match, but he was a great babyface and just as good in the heel role. I’ve seen him start off a Lucha Libre show as a heel in a mask, in which he did a hell of a job getting the babyface over as well as himself as the evil heel. From there, he came back two matches later as an even better babyface and got the crowd solidly behind him. And to kick off his night, he came back in the main event as a Mercenary (another heel) and topped himself yet again. I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone else ever pull that off. I can only wonder how awesome a match between Spicoli and someone like Chris Daniels or Frankie Kazarian would be.

I have to tell the truth and say this makes me sad to write this, but I am very happy he is getting this great recognition from the good people at Socal Uncensored. He was truly a member of the most elite workers that California had to offer. We miss you, Louie.
-Cincinnati Red


Arguably , the man in the last 10-20 years that has put socal ” on the map”. I remember first seeing Louis wrestle in squash matches on WWF television in 1988.He’s wrestled Steamboat, Jake, Rick Martel, Davey Boy, the Steiners and the list goes on! I was fortunate to be trained by Louis (& Bill Anderson) in 1991. Louis was a great teacher , a consumate ribber and a true character with a good heart .Lots of local guys have wrestled and gained by his knowledge. I know that I have. I owe all the psychology lessons to him. One time in Arizona , I was in the ring with him and he was leading me through the whole match. (calling spots in the ring). He goes to back suplex me and tells me to flip and land on my feet. I did, then I rolled him up. He say’s “There ya’ go”. I’ll never forget that little bit of encouragement.At the same time he chewed me out a couple times as well. & I had it coming too.We were on a trip to Arizona and Id been in the biz almost 2 years I think…anyways I was in a tag match with Gary Key and at the end I got carried away and threw some cup of water or soda at Gary. I was on the way back to the dressing room all happy cuz the crowd really popped and Louis was on the other side of the building and he pointed at me and said that was fuckin stupid. I understand now. What a mark I was .lol

Louis wrestled just like everyone else does out here.He worked any and all shows.He wrestled Tijauna shows as 1 of Los Mercenarios Americano’s (w/ Tim Patterson & Bill Anderson mainly) from about 1989-1992. He went on a few tours of Japan with FMW (Sabu was there too). I always will admire the way he was always on the phone with people and always pushing himself. Incredible determination that one cant be taught.Always believed in himself.

In 1994 , he got a break to go wrestle for AAA with a great spot as Madonnas Boyfriend.He was able to team with Eddy Guerrero, Art Barr & Konan as one of Los gringos locos and wrestle all over the infamous “When worlds collide ” ppv. This led to the call from the WWF. 1995, Rad Radford was born. Louie got to wrestle Bret Hart,Owen Hart , Shawn Michaels just to name a few.Also he was the 1st guy to work a program with Ahmed Johnson. Poor Lou. Ouch is all I can say from talking to him.Unfortunately he left WWF when he was working an angle with Chris Candido & Sunny (who were hot at the time). After a while ECW and Louis did some business. He got to work with Sabu, Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas to name just a couple. Louis seemed to love going to work there Friday, Saturday, and Sundays then coming home to San Pedro to be with his friends and family.

Eventually he was offered a good contract with WCW and Eric Bishoff. He went and did the NWO flunkie bit with Scott Hall & feuding with Larry Zybsko. Louis actually had his big break match with Zybsko at the ppv in San Francisco scheduled. He died before it happend.

Louis left behind a legacy as far as Im concerned and is the ideal guy to be inducted into the SoCal Hall of Fame.

I can not claim to know him best. I can only say that I was a great big mark for him and I called him my friend. I have to also say that he got to wrestle Hayabusa , Benoit , X pac , Brian Pillman , Ricky Morton and Konan.There are so many others that I know Ive forgot.Ever run into Bill Anderson Stephan DeLeon, Riki Ataki, Tim Patterson, or the Ladies Man ( John Hannah) & they can tell ya more.

Remeber 90210 for life. Louis has a kliq.
-Jason “Prime Time Peterson” Peters