Joey “Kaos” Munoz

Joey “Kaos” Munoz – Joey Munoz started training to be a pro-wrestler in 1994 at the age of 14, and had his in-ring debut in 1995. Wrestling as Kid Kaos he quickly established himself as one of the top high flyers in the Southern California wrestling scene of the mid-1990s. He formed a tag-team with one of his trainers, Supreme, that they called Supreme Kaos and famously feuded with the Naybah Hoodz throughout the region. In 1999 he won’s award for most outstanding wrestler in Southern California. Also in 1999 he joined XPW where he would find fame on a more national level. He was XPW’s longest reigning television champion, holding the title for nearly two years. After XPW folded, Kaos was one of the most popular stars in the Southern California wrestling scene, working for promotions such as GSCW, AWS, Revolution Pro, Battle Ground, Inoki Dojo, etc. He also would wrestle in CZW and TNA at that time. In 2006 he was a regular on Mtv’s Wrestling Society X. In what is arguably Joey Munoz’ biggest contribution to wrestling in Southern California’s wrestling scene, he was one of the founders of the Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy in 2008. The Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy quickly became one of the top wrestling schools in Southern California, having produced more Southern California rookie of the year winners than any other local school as of this writing. The school has also run a regular wrestling promotion since 2008 as well. In 2014 Joey “Kaos” Munoz’ match with B-Boy at July’s Santino Bros. and AWS joint show was named the Southern California match of the year.

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