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Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episodes 243, 244, & 245 Reviews

:::Editor’s Note::: These reviews although entertaining for some, are not what I was hoping for when Andrew volunteered to review CWFH Television. In my opinion, the personal nature of the attacks take away from the true critique that I was initially hoping for. In retrospect, these articles should have never been published. However in the spirit of […]

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Andrew’s Reviews: SoCal YouTube Matches Vol. 4

SoCal Youtube Match Reviews Vol. 4 Matches featuring B-Boy, Tyler Bateman, Joey Ryan, TJ Perkins, Ray Rosas, Jeff Cobb, Gary Yap’s Man In Black, and more. Plus rants about shitty commentators, my neighbor’s annoying ass baby, and stuff. Joey Ryan vs. Mike Camden – Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Ah yes, Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. I […]

Andrew’s Reviews: YouTube Volume 3 – Women’s Matches

SoCal Youtube Match Reviews Volume 3: Women’s Edition Another set of Youtube match reviews from the IWL’s favorite match reviewer! This time I’m reviewing women’s matches that have taken place in SoCal featuring talent from all over like Candice LeRae, Raze, Sage Sin Supreme, Hudson Envy, Brittany Wonder, Oedo Tai (Act Yasukawa, Kris Wolf, & […]

AWS Photo Grid 06/21/13

Jay Cal’s View #100 – Celebrating Bart’s Birtday Bash #11

Editors Note:  The Crux of this Article was written shortly after Bart’s Bash!  Unfortunately to work and family obligations this article has taken entirely too long to be published.  My apologies to Bart, AWS, and the wrestlers that competed on this show.  However, it is better late than never, so here’s my review of the […]