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Steve’s View #125 – How MPW changed SoCal, PWG tag tourney, and more

Before there was a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, APW LA, PCW, or an EPIC, there was Millennium Pro Wrestling. Before MPW started in early 2001, pretty much every active promotion in Southern California had a school associated with it. The one exception to that rule was Freddy Valentine’s ACW, which did use talent from many different […]

Steve’s View #114 – SoCal’s Internet history, Roddy Piper, XPW’s PPV, and more

One of the things that I think defines the SoCal wrestling scene is the Internet. If you go to pretty much any show in SoCal, you wont just see people from the general area, but from all over Southern California. And most fans are well informed to what’s going on all over the scene. Something that would be virtually impossible […]


Steve’s View #106

For those who don’t know, XPW has canceled all of it’s upcoming shows, lost it’s TV in LA (and according to one source Pittsburgh, but that isn’t independently verified) and their parent company Extreme Associates was raided by federal authorities, for what is believed to be shipping what would be considered obscene materials into Pittsburgh, […]