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Disco Machine interview

Disco Machine interview by Jason McCord Jason McCord: First off, Disco Machine, thank you for taking the time to sit down to do this interview with me. Disco Machine: My pleasure. McCord: Congratulations on being ranked number five on for the month of July. Disco: Wow, I didn’t know that, excellent! McCord: You had a pretty […]


This is only my second column on this site, probably because I usually don’t have that much to write about. I only write about something that I am irritated by, hence my last column entitled “Marks”. This time I wanna write about the bullshit taboo known as “Kayfabe”. “Kayfabe” is a stupid word, and an […]


For those of you that don’t know me (you probably don’t), I am Jason McCord, a referee for Revolution Pro Wrestling in Santa Fe Springs. Some of you have probably seen my “outspoken” posts on, but pretty much censors their whole board. If the moderators see something they don’t like, they will probably […]