Articles by Andrew

Coming Soon: An interview with Ray Rosas

Along with an upcoming interview with B-Boy, there will also be an interview conducted with Ray Rosas within the near future. Fans are welcome to ask any questions they may have. If anyone’s got questions, post them here, Tweet @socaluncensored,…

Real Talk 3: The Clip Show Episode (Updated)

This week on Real Talk, Lucha VaVoom stuff, PWG stuff, WWE is in town, I break Kayfabe bro with some insider information bro, interview updates, PCW talent announcements, Match Of The Week, Excalibur was on a podcast, and your mom….

Real Talk 1: Pilot Episode

Welcome to the first edition of Real Talk, written by myself in a shameless effort to bring content to SCU’s front page. This article is sorta gonna be like Jay Cal’s View, but more vulgar and less tactful, which is…