Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 8: The Ranks of Reptiles

Andrew is off this week as he is being chased by pitbulls; or maybe he was going to a Pitbull concert, I’m not sure. So, while he is off yelling Timber (I’m not up on Pitbull’s music so his 2013 hit with Kesha was the first thing that came to mind), I’ll be filling in on this week’s Lucha Underground, The Ranks of the Reptiles.

This week starts with a recap going back to the first season with Big Ryck telling The Mack that wrestling is about making as much money as he can. We then get clips from the last few weeks ending with Dragon Azteca Jr. winning the Gift of the Gods title.

Daga over PJ Black

This was part of the Reptile Tribe versus Worldwide Underground feud. This was pretty good. I was expecting a ton of interference from the Reptile Tribe but the match was mostly played clean. Daga got the submission win. After the match the Reptile Tribe attacked PJ Black leading to Johnny Mundo, Taya, and Ricky Mandel coming out for the save.

Kobra Moon told Johnny Mundo that he is destined to be in the Reptile Tribe and challenged the Worldwide Underground to a four-on-four match next week. If the Reptile Tribe wins, Mundo has to join; if the Underground wins, Kobra Moon will great one wish. Little does Kobra Moon realize the Underground likely plans on asking for infinite wishes.

After the commercial break The Mack is in the locker room and Catrina shows up. Catrina warns Mack that Mil Muertes isn’t finished with him, and warned him about death, and said his cousing Big Ryck learned about death. She then hits a locker and it opens up to show a skull. We know it is Big Ryck’s skull because it has an eye patch and a cigar. Only Big Ryck’s skull could have both an eye patch and a cigar.

Next Dragon Azteca Jr. is in the ring. He mentions that winning the Gift of the Gods title was one of the proudest moments in his career. He vows he will not cash in the title until the main event of Ultima Lucha 4 and says he will take on all challengers before then.

Son of Havoc, Killshot, the Mack over Paul London, Saltador, Mala Suerte to retain the Lucha Underground Trios Titles

I thought this match was pretty fun. The Rabbit Tribe got a lot of offense in. Both The Mack and Mala Suerte started their careers at the Anaheim indoor Marketplace, wrestling for WPW, and now here they are wrestling each other on national television. The Mack hits a Bull Frog Splash on Mala Suerte but Killshot comes in and steals the pin. It looks like there is trouble brewing with the champions, but who cares who gets the pin as long as they win? Is there a reason that being the person who gets the pin is important?

Cage & King Cuerno over Pentagon Dark

This was a pick your partner match. Cage picked King Cuerno and Pentagon picked no one, making this a two on one match. Pentagon held his own for a bit, but eventually Cage and Cuerno got the upper hand. Cuerno his the Thrill of the Kill but Cage asked him to back off and Cuerno agreed and left the match, leaving Cage to finish pentagon by himself. This was OK.

The show ends with Johnny Mundo and Taya locating the Reptile Tribe’s throne room and sneaking in. Kobra Moon and Daga apparently had been tricked into going to a Serpent’s Ball, explaining their absence.  This was a parody of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Mundo even had a fedora. Vibora grabs them and they manage to fend him off thanks to Taya’s baseball bat. Taya then beheads Vibora with a sword. That’s right she decapitates him. I’m sure his skull will be seen in a locker in a few seasons, and we will know it’s his as it will be wearing a mask.

Final Thoughts

The first two matches were good, but nowhere near the upper level of matches this show has produced. While the storyline between Reptile Tribe and Worldwide Underground angle is cheesy, it is cheesy in a fun way like the old Troma movies they would air on USA Up All Night in the 90s and the lucha films of the 60s. The pending breakup of the trios team doesn’t interest me at all. I expect the blowoff match between Cage and Pentagon to be great.

Overall the show was OK. Then again that’s pretty much what I’ve felt about most of season 4 so far. The first two seasons of Lucha Underground were magic, and it feels like last season and this season while good, are missing that magic it had. I’ve heard great things about some upcoming episodes, so hopefully it can pick it up some and start to capture some of that early season magic again.


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