SoCal News & Notes 11/29/2017

Your weekly-ish dose of the latest pro-wrestling news from throughout Southern California is back. Today we have updates on Knokx Pro, RISE, AWS, WWE, MPW, Mav Pro, Blood Bros., SoCal Pro, FIST Combat, VWE, Lucha Underground, and more. Click for the latest updates.

Knoxk Pro is the most recent wrestling promotion to make its way onto Twitch, having debuted its first live stream on November 28th. They streamed one match, a no-contest between VIP and Maverick that ended when a number of other wrestlers ran in and attacked VIP. The match took place at the Knoxk Pro Domain in Sun Valley, with no live audience in attendance. Something unique the promotion was doing was letting fans in the channel’s chat room call out moves and the wrestlers would work the moves into the match.

The stream wasn’t without issues however, as the audio was really bad to the point where the announcers couldn’t be heard and when the noise from the ring was very distorted. The promotion was going to stream another match tonight, but the stream was canceled with technical difficulties cited as the reason. The plan right now is to stream matches a couple nights a week to work out the kinks and build up an audience base then eventually stream full shows from the Domain. They are joining Brian Kendrick’s Wrestling Pro Wrestling as the only Southern California based promotions to stream on Twitch, though several others have explored it as well.

December 1st’s RISE show in South Gate has only 5 tickets still available as of press time. They actually sold out already, but then they worked with AWS promoter Bart Kapitzke and managed to find a way to add additional chairs to the venue.

Tickets are still available for the recording of Madusa’s Full Throttle Podcast that will feature three matches including Toni Storm versus Shotzi Blackheart for the SWA Championship, Kris Wolf versus Mercedes Martinez, and whoever the Phoenix of RISE champion is (either Delilah Doom or Rosemary) versus Deonna Purrazo. The show is being billed as RISE 6.5.

Representatives from Lucha Underground will be at RISE scouting possible talent for the promotions upcoming fourth season.

Joey Ryan has been added to December 2nd’s AWS show in South Gate. He will also be on Rey Mysterio Jr.’s Lucha Wonderland on December 22nd at Sycuan Casino in the San Diego area


Millennium Pro Wrestling is currently holding a round robin tournament they are calling the Millennium Series Cup. The tournament features two pools, with the winner of each pool facing each other for the championship in February. The first matches took place last week at the promotion’s weekly show and will the remainder will be spread out over the next couple of months. I believe this is the first time anyone has attempted to pull off a weekly round robin tournament like this since Revolution Pro held the first Spirit of the Revolution tournament back in 2001. We will be updating the standings in the weekly results posts, and the promotion has created a Facebook page for the tournament.

Blood Bros. Pro has announced the first matchup for their all-women’s deathmatch tournament taking place on March 3, 2018. Maria James and Ludark Shaitan will be facing each other in a staple gun match.

Suede Thompson has relinquished his Maverick Pro championship and quit the promotion over issues the promotion has had with the Joshua Baroni issue and the promotion’s past association with the promoter of SCWA, Vince Louros, who it was revealed was convicted in 2002 of a sexual act with a minor and had to register as a sex offender (though he no longer is required to register as one). Louros was never actually involved with Maverick Pro aside from a co-promoted show back in July. No one in the promotion was aware of the past conviction at the time, and it wasn’t until November 10th that someone had discovered it and posted it on Facebook. Thompson was scheduled to face Kevin Kross.

Maverick Pro announced that they will be announcing a match for the vacant championship this week.

Eric Watts was the SCWA champion, but he has also relinquished his title and will not work for the promotion if they attempt to run again.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will challenge Cesaro and Sheamus for the Raw Tag-Team titles at the WWE’s December 4th Monday Night Raw at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The episode of Total Divas that was filmed at SoCal Pro’s wrestling school will be airing next Wednesday, December 6th. Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan, and Nia Jax were all at the school to film scenes for the episode. AWS Women’s champion Nicole Savoy has a brief cameo in this week’s episode.

FIST Combat has renamed their tag-team division to the Gang Bang division and True Grit are now the FIST Combat Gang Bang Champions.

Venue Wrestling Entertainment has added a match between Alexander G. Bernard and Matt Vandagriff to their December 1st show in Brawley.

The Lucha Libre Taco Shop’s Carlsbad location should be opening soon and they are already accepting employment applications.

We will have live reports and media from this weekend’s RISE and AWS shows on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to follow for the latest updates.

This week’s shows:


Venue Wrestling Entertainment in Brawley, CA

Millennium Pro Wrestling in Moorpark, CA

RISE presents Brutality in South Gate, CA

EWF presents “Jingle Slam 8 – Night 1” in Covina, CA

PCW presents Refuse to Lose in Wilmington, CA


RISE 6.5 in South Gate, CA

EWF presents “Jingle Slam 8 – Night 2” in Rialto, CA

AWS presents “Again No Presents for Christmas – Final Battle” in South Gate, CA


Championship Wrestling From Hollywood TV Taping in Pt. Hueneme, CA (Free Event)

King of the Cage presents “Conquistadors” in Ontario, CA

WWE Live in Anaheim, CA


WWE Monday Night Raw in Los Angeles, CA


WWE Smackdown Live in San Diego, CA

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