Super Awesome Showdown: Galacticadia 4

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SAN DIEGO, California- September 16th, 2017 – The universe’s greatest heroes and villains collide at the Tango Del Rey on Saturday, September 16th for Galacticadia 4! Planet Earth’s only outer space combat multimedia spectacle! Giant monsters, super heroes, sentient computer programs and more collide in a massive showdown of intergalactic proportions! Accompanied by roaring electronic music, stunning lighting effects and extraordinary storytelling! It’s like pro-wrestling meets cosplay in outer space!

Krystin Railing of Circus Mafia said. “If you love wrestling, super heros or space then you will love Super Awesome Showdown, a show slam packed with action, adventure and mayhem.”

Kevin Burton, a Super Awesome Showdown performer has this to say: “Professional wrestling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. We’re changing an old-school style into more modern scenes, particularly [with] the lights, sounds and video work. We make it very family friendly, everything is very safe and over the top. [Even] my 92-year-old grandmother comes to the shows.”

Galacticadia is Super Awesome Showdown’s biggest show of the year. Our heroes are looking to settle the score with the greatest villain of all time and space, Lord Magnos. As a malevolent God-powered villain, he has led a path of destruction across the universe. Can anybody stop him?!

Jalapeno, once a spicy scrapper, is looking to get his spice back from Magnos. Hilda, once a bodyguard to Vic Valentine, has been challenged by the space romanian vampire, Vlad Tempest. Orbo, a ruthless intergalactic bounty hunter is on a mission to capture a mysterious hero. Sol Invictus had his soul sucked out of his body by Magnos! The heroes of Showdown are stretched thin, but now it looks like planet Earth needs them more than ever! Will humanity survive?! Find out at Galacticadia 4.


Saturday September 16th
8:pm Showtime
7:30pm Doors Open
VIPs can enter at 7pm

How Much?
$20 General
$35 VIP
$5 Kids
$20 Kids VIP

Tango Del Rey, in Pacific Beach
3567 Del Rey St.
San Diego, Ca. 92109

Tickets available at the door and at

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**About Super Awesome Showdown**

Super Awesome Showdown mixes action, music, lights and video into one ultimate performance. Going strong into their third year of performances, Super Awesome Showdown continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Super Awesome Showdown was founded in 2012 by a group a friends who wanted to bring their talents together into one ultimate showcase. With backgrounds in theater, pro-wrestling, stage, lighting, music and fine arts; they were able to create a unifying theme of over the top stories starring larger than life heroes and villains. The founders, as well as an amazing team of dozens of performers, artists, and crew; creates the ambitious and unique live show you see today.

Super Awesome Showdown’s first performance was at Art Around Adams in San Diego in 2013. Since then, the show has integrated with the burgeoning San Diego performance art scene. Super Awesome Showdown has collaborated with other performance arts groups across the county, including Technomania Circus, Circus Mafia and Mega64.

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About the Tango Del Rey

Our venue the Tango Del Rey offers a beautifully crafted building. Built in 1984 by Don Francisco Ballardo. Ballardo was an eccentric supporter of the arts and gave San Diego a landmark that is unique, to this city, country and the world. When you visit the venue you feel as if you are taking a trip to another country or planet. Beyond these doors lies a fairy tale land of castles, sultan palaces and other magical places not normally found in our young city. Super Awesome Showdown is proud to be hosted by Tango Del Rey. The Tango Del Rey offers a sky view of the show from the balcony. There is also bar and food service! Enjoy dinner and drinks while watching the greatest heroes and villains wage combat for galactic supremacy!

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