LWP – 10 March 2017 – Quick Results

Lucha Wrestling Puroresu held an event on Friday night in Los Angeles, CA. Click for results.

Lucha Wrestling Puroresu
March 10th, 2017
4765 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA

Fern Owens & Robby Phoenix defeated Koto Hiro & Alonzo Alvarez

Zodiacal & Classicus Shadow defeated Peqenio Shamu & Black Puma

D’Marco Wilson, Adrian Quest, and Eli Everdly defeated Jay Baker, Biagio Crescenzo, and Donnie Suarez

Blood Eagle & Laberinto defeated Lestat & Durango Kid

Atomico & ??? defeated Super Natural & Dr. Maldad

Fidel Bravo & Dicky Maier defeated Jorel Nelson & Andy Brown

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