Championship Wrestling from Hollywood episode 287 review

I decided to check out Championship Wrestling from Hollywood again this week, having a little extra time thanks to the holiday. For this week’s episode I partially watched on a phone and partially on an iPad. I’ve given up on even bothering on CW6.

The show starts out with Grant and he has Big Duke and Pretty Peter Avalon with him. They are setting up a match with Bad Dude Tito Escondido and DJ Hyde for later in the show.

The opening match is Scorpio Sky versus Julius Coleman (Ju Dizz). One of the announcers mentions “there is no better way to start off an episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood then with Scorpio Sky.” I can’t disagree with that. A lot of good technical work in this. They did a good job of starting slow and building the match up. A few minutes into the match Sky had an armbar on Coleman and they went to a commercial. In the middle of a submission attempt. Apparently the armbar didn’t work, because Sky was trying a different submission when we came back. Julius Coleman got a lot of offense in during the match as well and looked really good. Sky eventually won with an Ace of Spades. After the match Sky raises Coleman’s hand in a sign of respect. This was a really good match. Even though Sky won the match did a really good job of making Coleman look strong too.

Grant is with Bad Dude Tito and DJ Hyde. They showed a little friction when Tito said as long as DJ listens to him they’ll win. Well, we know what’s going to happen in the main.

Austin Harmon (Guy Cool) and Joey Ryan was up next. So far two pretty good match ups. The announcers are talking about how Harmon can take his boat to the show and avoid the Hollywood traffic. Everyone there can avoid it since the show is taking place an hour away from Hollywood. The only traffic near the venue is caused by the occasional cow walking into the road. Joey Ryan is more known for his comedy stuff these days, but he is a really good wrestler when he works a straight match, and showed it here. No comedy stuff from Joey at all. He did a pretty nice looking pump-handle fall away suplex on Harmon. Harmon had a pretty nice sit-down spine buster that Joey Ryan kicked out of. Joey eventually won after a kick to Harmon’s face. Another good match here.

Next we had Kevin Martenson versus Jake Atlas. This was the third straight match that put a veteran wrestler against a newer worker. Not that I had an issue with that, as they used three really good veterans and three really good up and comers. This match wasn’t as even as the previous two, as Martenson had control for a majority of the match. Atlas did show some good stuff when he was on offense. He did throw some weak looking punches, that the announcers made worse by pointing out how great they were, but everything else from him looked really good.  Martenson hit a pretty nice belly-to-belly release suplex. Martenson won with a knee to the back of the head after a double stomp off the ropes. I thought this was good for what it was as well. So far we are three for three here.

Grant is with Bateman. There will be another step up challenge for Bateman’s TV title next week. Bateman cut a good promo.

The main event was next. Bad Dude Tito and DJ Hyde came out first and stood at the entrance waiting for Peter Avalon and Big Duke to come out. Of course Avalon and Duke came out a different way and attacked them from behind. Lots of brawling before the match began. The begging of the match was DJ Hyde in control of Avalon. Eventually Tito tagged in and showed a lot of good aggression, but he allowed Avalon to get the tag on Duke. Tito and Hyde are in control of Duke for awhile. Tito goes to taunt Avalon at one point allowing Duke to recover. When Avalon finally gets tagged in, he hits a nice spring board cross body where he gets a ton of air followed by some drop kicks then a tope con giro to the outside. Hyde hit a powerbomb on Avalon a bit later, but he isn’t the legal man and the ref refuses to count. Hyde goes for a lariat, but Tito is pushed in the way and gets taken out, and Avalon pins Tito for the win. This was OK. Avalon looked great in this, but a lot of the match was just Hyde and Tito stomping on Big Duke in various ways. Hyde looked pretty clumsy at times, even stumbling to the mat after hitting an elbow. The finish was obvious as well due to the promo setting it up earlier in the show.

I thought this was a good show. I really enjoyed the first three matches, and the main wasn’t bad and did have some good parts, especially when Avalon was in the ring. I thought the promo segments were all good too.  Overall a pretty enjoyable episode.

This episode is available now on the Fite TV app.

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