[Results] UEW “Another Violent Reaction” on October 1st 2016

Underground Empire Wrestling
“Another Violent Reaction”
UEW Arena
October 1st 2016
East Los Angeles, CA

1. Big Dick Hoss defeated Leo Blaze and H.A.T.E member Pinky via pinfall on Blaze in a Triple Threat match

2.”The Mighty” Casey Albright defeated Urban Discipline’s G.C. Bayhl via Knock Out in an Underground Catch Combat Match

General Manager of day to day operations and President of UEW, Michael Rummans came to the ring and made a statement to the crowd regarding the condition of Carnage.

Carnage had been rushed to the emergency room the day of UEW’S “Sinful Things” and after multiple doctor visits we were told it would be highly unlikely that we will see Carnage in a UEW ring or any other ring ever again.

In addition that now meant Mr. Rummans had to address the state of the UEW Tag-Team titles. Mr. Rummans explained that Verdun had until the 22nd to find a new partner or he would be forced to relinquish the championship belt.

3. BC Killer defeated Mac Havoc via pinfall

4. The”Corrupted Mastermind” of H.A.T.E, Ray Rosas defeated Biggie Biggz via pinfall after Pinky would get involved while the ref was unconscious and ultimately cost Biggz the match

Sage Sin Supreme would finally return to UEW after losing the Steel Cage against Marriah Moreno at Pledge Your Allegiance this past July. From the moment she stepped foot into the arena it was clear this was not same “Pumpkin Queen” we all know, this was something far worse.

Sage entered the ring war paint worndown and voice raspy as she pronounced that she stood before the fiends of the underground no longer what she once was and how she found and tapped into a much a darker place. Sage then placed a pumpkin in the ring that said “Marriah” “Hellbound” and set it a blaze.

5. David Rage vs “Jungleboy” Nate Coy was declared a double count out as both men took the fight to the outside ignoring the refs count.

Coy was able to drop Rage beneath the giant dock pull door and released trying to crush Rages leg whom was able to pull it away before suffering extreme injury

6. Tony Raze defeated The Insaniac via pinfall after Michael Krueger would again appear on the entrance ramp to attack Danny Ramirez.

This time Ramirez was already armed with a white powder a blasted into the demons eyes. Insaniac would be Krueger down a drag him into the ring as Danny slid in a body bag!

The Insaniac quickly put Krueger into the body bag and doused the bag with lighter fluid! Security would rush the ring and pull Insaniac out before he was able set the monster a blaze!

7. “Miracle” Mike James defeated Max X via submission

8. The Hollywood HORRORS 666 (JDHorror & Bobby Hollywood) defeated The Undead Robins (DanielTorch & Airon Skye) via pinfall to become the number 1 contenders for the UEW Tag-Team Championship titles

Immediately following the bell Andre “The Vandal” Verdun hit the entrance ramp and said the Rummans said he had to forfeit or find a partner.

Verdun said there was no one back there that wanted to stand with him against the Hollywood HORRORS but that he refused to relinquish the titles and that he would face the Horrors 2 on 1!

Suddenly the legendary “Human Horrorfilm” Supreme would make his way to the ring and told Andre he would not fight alone. But it would not be Supreme helping him as he had other plans. Supreme brought BC Killer who came out and stared down Verdun!

Both men looked at the letters that spelled UEW across their chests and decided to lay their vendetta for each other aside to become unified as UEW’s Tag Team Champions! BC and Andre rushed to the ring and went after JD Hollywood brawling to the back.

Supreme then addressed H.A.T.E and let the fiends know that he would be putting an end to it starting with the man they consider to be the biggest baddest member… Pinky! Pinky would come out sporting a bright red beard similar to Supreme’s and the two would stare each there down before Ray Rosas would come to ring side distracting the “Human Horrorfilm” long enough for Pinky to grab a bundle of light tubes and smash them across the face of Supreme.

9. “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo vs Human Tornado was thrown out after Nate Coy and David RAGE would fight from the back locker room into the ring causing the match to come to an abrupt end seeing all four men fight with one another.

10. Cen-Cal Pro Heavyweight Champion Sunami defeated UEW Heavyweight Champion Fern Owens via disqualification after Ray Rosas delivered a huge knee to the face of Sunami. Rosas said he would see Owens at Hellbound and to get use to losing. Owens would lift Sunami to his feet and both champions would show each other respect as we ended the evening and final stop on the Highway to HELLBOUND!!!

Results courtesy of UEW’S Kyle Wylde