Jorel Nelson wins the EWF American Championship

Earlier today, Jorel Nelson defeated Anthony Idol at a private show in San Jacinto to win the EWF American title. Jorel Nelson becomes the 50th champion in the just over 17 year history of the title. Anthony Idol had held the title for 345 days, winning it on September 4, 2015 over “Baby Bull” Vance Garayt in Covina, CA.

When asked for comment on the title change, Anthony Idol stated “It was an obvious fast count on the luckiest day of his life.” Idol also called into question the travel arrangements and says he is “demanding first class travel to all private shows, as it is the only thing befitting a champion.”

Jorel Nelson disputes any notion of a fast count. He stated he won after a top rope elbow drop and it was a clean finish.

They were previously scheduled to meet September 9th in Covina with Nelson challenging Idol. That match is still scheduled but now with Idol as the challenger for the belt he held for nearly a year.

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