[Recap] Chaos Column of the EWF Anniversary Show on May 6th 2016


5/6/16 – EWF 20th Anniversary Extravaganza Show
“EWF Arena” (KoC Hall of Covina)

Whether they came for the marquee matches featured on the anniversary card, or just simply for the VIP meet & greet with new EWF Hall of Famers & mainstream wrestling icons Melina & Frankie Kazarian, a capacity crowd filled the hall. Again, this recap will provide some personally-observed details of what came out of the anniversary card, after Steve provided live, quick results during the show.

1 – Dragon Yuki v. Adrian Quest
Strong opener that saw Adrian take all kinds of punishment from the masked wrestler that subbed for the injured Rocky Romero. After taking all of those bumps & strikes, Adrian rolled a series of kicks into a 660 Senton for the pin.

* Friar Juan Roman interrupted the EWF Hall of Fame Ceremony after all three inductees–Bobby Bradley, Frankie Kazarian, & Melina–received their plaques. After Kaz cut a promo on The Friar, the brief but effective beatdown followed, capped with Melina kicking The Friar in the nuts.

2 – H.A.T.E. (Rico Dynamite & Che Cabrera) v. The Von Dooms (Vintage Dragon & Cyanide)
Great back-and-forth tag team action that ended with Che hitting a Frog Splash on Vintage Dragon for the pin in what was essentially a clean win.

3 – The Great Goliath Rumble
There wasn’t alot of shenanigans during the rumble, but two wrestlers seemed to have it the worst. Ty Ray looked like he would go pretty far, drawing #2, but H.A.T.E. changed all of that. Rico, Che, Damien, & Rrrroosas beat Ty down, tore off his wrestling boots, then threw him over the top rope & out. Espiritu never even made it into the ring, after getting taken out from behind by Archimedes. Then there was Richie Slade, who tried to hide underneath the ring for most of the match, and let the remaining wrestlers eliminate each other. It wad Dr. Kruger who dominated late, out-dueling “Ironman” Mike Maze then throwing him out, doing the same with Richie Slade, to win the rumble.

4 – American Championship (Anthony Idol, w/ The Wize One v. Brandon Gatson)
Great back-and-forth action. The Wize One distracted Referee Micky Moreno so that he couldn’t see Idol tap out to an Armbreaker submission, then did another distraction, taking a shot from Gatson. In the end, Idol hit a Falcon Arrow for the pin, & another successful title defense.

SM – Frankie Kazarian v. Scorpio Sky
More great back-and-forth action, with plenty of great spots, & close calls. Neither men could finish off each other with their signature moves & finishers, yet Scorpio was able to reverse the cover, after eating a Superplex, for the pin (sounds familiar, CWFH fans?). Both men shook hands, with Kaz praising Scorpio.

M – Heavyweight Championship (Gary Yap’s Man In Black v. “Uptown” Andy Brown)
Great mix of wrestling & propelling the wrestling storyline. Many of the EWF fans drew the ire of Gary Yap throughout the match, especially the woman who brings the man with the Down Syndrome to the Covina shows regularly. There were a few tense moments, especially after Referee Justin Borden took a bump. Andy’s 1st Piledriver didn’t put the Man in Black away, who couldn’t finish Andy off with neither the big Lariat, or what looked like a Modified Rear Naked Choke or a Sleeper Hold. Andy dodged a charging attempt by the Man in Black, forcing the masked, mysterious wrestler to knock Gary Yap off the apron. He hit a 2nd Piledriver, sealing the deal with the title-clinching pin.

The EWF fans definitely got their money’s worth, and two matches are already booked for next month’s Covina show. A rematch between Andy Brown & the Man in Black for the Heavyweight title should main event the car, while the Archimedes/Espiritu match will be contested under No-DQ rules.

That’s all for now, wrestling fans. I may or may not be at the EWF fundraiser show in Baldwin Park on 5/21, as well as next week’s SCP show, but I have already opted out of the PWG “Prince” show on 5/20. The main reason for that, is next month’s FCW show on 6/18, where “The Machine” v. Jeff Cobb (Matanza Cueto) is currently the scheduled main event. Until then, save me a seat, so I can join you guys at ringside.

Personal photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.500854816773345.1073741850.436289569896537&type=3&uploaded=154