[Results] Brian Kendrick’s Wrestling Pro Wrestling on March 18th 2016

Brian Kendrick Wrestling Pro Wrestling
The Vault
March 18th 2016
Los Angeles, CA

“Pretty” Peter Avalon def “The Definition of Pain” Terex

Rubber Baby/Leather Daddy over The Duh Brothers

Grizzle the Vet w/ Greenhorn interviews Jeff the Frying Pan Man. During the interview Grizzle is interrupted by 3 parcel carriers, all of which wind up doing battle over who’s package has priority. Loser gets frying panned

Fred Ex def Dezi The Postman and Lou P.S. Dezi gets frying panned

Cereal Man def “Big Nasty” Eric Watts

Sean Cosby wins a game show over Hobo for the right to referee the Lucha Girls oil match.

So Cal Barbie def Jezebel with help from Hillary Clintwhore’s giant vagina

Techno Destructo wins the TBD Battle Royal

Joey Ryan def Brian Cage

Credit: Wrestling Pro Wrestling