[Results] AOW Live on January 16th 2016

Alpha Omega Wrestling
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Elks Lodge
January 16th 2016
Twenty-nine Palms, Ca

6 Man Tag Team Match:
Damien Smith, “The Veteran” Rudy Luna and Andre Machievski def Sickhouse (Kruger, Johnny Manson & “Miracle” Mike James) with Smith scoring the pinfall on Kruger.  Afterwords Sickhouse tied the 3 men to the ropes and beat them with chairs while they were helpless

Fatal 4 Way Match:
“The Emo Behemoth” Pinky returned to AOW and def Roman Alexander, Ashley Grace and “Red Headed Step Child” Buford Tucker

Beat the Clock Challenge Match:
Ron Kilbourn def Drake Fortune at 12 min 23 Seconds

Beat the Clock Challenge Match:
AOW Heavyweight Champion “The One” Blake Grayson def “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews at 11 min 43 seconds to win the beat the clock challenge and then after avoiding a sneak attack by Ron announced the match at Unleashed V will be a Last Man Standing Match

AOW Desert Championship:
Ryan Morals def Scopio Sky to retain the Desert Championship with a distraction from Andre Machievski. After words they announced the reforming of the Blind Man Army and told Sky he would never get a shot again.

Sky demanded one more match but it would a tag team match against Morals and Machievski verses himself and a man of his choosing for another chance to fight for the AOW Desert Championship again or forfeit back to the bottom. The new Blind Man Army accepted and Scorpio Sky introduced his partner…Former WWE/TNA star The Brian Kendrick as this tag team encounter will take place at Unleashed V in Victorville, Ca on January 31st.

Main event-Triple Threat Match:
“Big Nasty” Eric Watts def The Brian Kendrick & Sasha Darevko as Watts scored the pin over Sasha with the U turn and after Former WWE/TNA star Mike Knux cut a promo via video, accepting Eric Watts challenge to a rematch at Unleashed V on Jan 31st.

For info on AOW Unleashed V on January 31st: http://socaluncensored.com/event/aow-presents-unleashed-v-in-victorville-ca/

Credit: AOW