#RememberingRisingSon: Taro

Jimmy was the first official student at the Rudos Dojo in around summer of 1999 as his family had known American Wild Child for years. He actually debuted as Jimmy Hardcore on the 2nd ever Revolution Pro show in 1999 in all white gear to wrestle Super Dragon. I think he was only 17 then. Mysteriously, in January 2000, a new masked wrestler in the same white gear debuted under the name Rising Son. He was similar size to myself and Super Dragon among others in Rev Pro and was willing to work hard and do crazy stuff with us so he fit in. It was like he was growing up with all of us as we were all really learning about pro wrestling.

It’s kinda surprising thinking back how short of a time he wrestled. However, he really did well early on especially considering he only wrestled a few times per month average. He got to be a new Blitzkrieg and go to Australia when the original one cancelled a tour there to give an accomplishment. We were a team many times including a favorite memory of wrestling in the Olympic Auditorium for XPW in which many people have shared and enjoyed. I laughed later at how much of perfectionists we wanted to be as I’m trying to calm Jimmy down for one mistake he made while people backstage are applauding while other wrestlers gave us flack for doing everything out there. We also wrestled against each other many times including the two of us being flown to ECW Arena to work for the group MLW. It was a big thing for us even though hardly anyone knew who we were and our 6 man lucha match ended up as a mess. They weren’t always great matches but we had fun in the ring together as allies or opponents (sometimes could be dependent on how beat up we got by Super Dragon though).

In this time though, I just wish nothing but the best for his family and his girlfriend. His family was so supportive for letting someone so young not only train but start his dream of wrestling at 17. His family would go to the matches quite often to lend their support. It was so adorable hearing his young nieces and nephews watching video tapes back yelling UNCLE JIMMY, GIVE HIM THE BIG PUNCH! Two notes is 1- I don’t remember him ever giving anyone the big punch and 2- This was in Rising Son matches & not just Jimmy Hardcore.

We will miss you Jimmy.

Kevin Lyon (Ultrataro Jr/TARO)