[Results] Shadow Championship Wrestling “Friday the 13th..Out of Luck” on November 13th 2015

Shadow Championship WrestlingSCW 11-13-15 flyer
“Friday the 13th..Out of Luck”
American Legion Hall
November 13th 2015
Canoga Park, Ca

The show started off with the SCW Hosts/General Managers, The Tim and Brian Perfect in a celebration of Brian’s birthday. They were soon interrupted by Shiloh, the SCW Champ. Shiloh brought his group with him consisting of Laura “The Body” James, Hugo and Hillbilly Hero. The group then decided to attack Brian and Tim. The general managers were saved by Ricky The Activist who challenged Shiloh to start the championship fight, then and there but Shiloh said he would see him in the main event.

“The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black def Vicious Vargus

Mad Dog issued an open challenge and La Golosa accepted. This turned into a dance off/ brawl as Shiloh Greaves interfered with Hugo.

Fall Counts Anywhere Match:
Gabriella Cruz def Laura “The Body” James

6 man Lucha Libra Match:
Latigo Blanco, Sombra Infernal, and Harlekin def Amazing Jr, Scarecrow and Crazy Lover.

Hillbilly Hero and Mad Dog def Sgt Major Alexander Paul & “Blackhart” Fern Owens

Main event-TLC Match for the SCW Championship:
Ricky the Activist def Shiloh to become the new SCW champion.

As Shiloh’s group began to interfere in the match up, The Tim stepped in to stop them. This led to Tim taking an accidental chair shot from Ricky The Activist that was intended for Hugo. The referee was knocked out in all the commotion. So as Ricky got the upperhand and went for the pin, Brian ran in, ripping off his shirt, revealing a referee shirt as he counted the pinfall and Ricky The Activist became the second SCW champion as Shiloh’s reign as champion is cut short.

Credit: Brian “Mousse” Kruse