Jay Cal’s View #147

Salud to the WWE US Champion, but does Del Rio’s return to the WWE signify something bigger is happening? UEW is running on Halloween, FCW and NWA Vendetta are running tonight!!! Plus some Stardom USA News and Notes

Is Del Rio Opening the Door?
“Gracias todso fans de la lucha en general, anoche fue espectacular, siempre la cabeza n alto”

And so the door was finally closed on the idea that El Patron would return to the temple.  Alberto Del Rio returns to the WWE, defeats John Cena and becomes the new WWE United States Champion, while still technically the AAA Mega Champion.  Was his tweet thanking the fans of Los Angeles directed at the WWE Universe or Lucha Underground fans?  For the past few weeks I’ve been reporting on Del Rio’s decision about returning to the WWE, but even I was a little surprised (but not shocked) that Alberto returned at Hell in a Cell.  But wait a minute, isn’t he under contract with AAA.  Which got me thinking.  It was just a few weeks ago where I reported on Sami Zaynn working with EVOLVE and the WWN, which represents the biggest WWE/Indy cross over since ECW?  Follow me here, what if that is the direction we’re heading?  It’s more than obvious that New Japan Pro Wrestling is really the only global competitor to the WWE.  New Japan Pro works with CMLL, Ring of Honor, even the National Wrestling Alliance.  What if the WWE through NXT will harvest a relationship with EVOLVE like New Japan does with ROH?  What if the WWE is planning on working with AAA?  A talent exchange could certainly bring in some “Hispanic Star Power” the WWE so desperately wants.  Could this be a win/win for both sides? Is Alberto Del Rio opening the door for a potential AAA/WWE relationship?

Lucha Underground Tickets
As you may have saw, tickets for the upcoming November Television taping we’re briefly made available yesterday, but we’re hearing that people were shut out after 30 minutes passed from the announcement. For more about Lucha Underground, make sure you’re checking out the Lucha Underground News and Notes Weekly on SCU.

UEW Underground
I’m not a fan of UEW. It’s just not my cup of tea. But I’ll give them credit. It takes a certain kind of moxy to run on Halloween. Southern Californian Wrestling fans are already fickle, so it’s impressive that someone is actually running on a night when they are so many other things going on. I know of at least one SCU reporter who is making plans to be at the show. Which leads me to my next questions, when are we going to get a decent wrestling show on Thanksgiving?

Vendetta Pro’s Terror Rising
NWA Western States Champion Matt Riviera has issued an open challenge to defend his title against anyone. (I would be tickled if it ended up being Del Rio.) A lot of speculation on the internet is that it’s Rob Conway, who has presented a few pictures of himself in California. Just a few months back former NWA World Champion Jeff Jarret took the title from the Empire’s Loverboy only for Riviera to regain it a few days later. Conway is a former two time NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion and up until recently was regularly competing in New Japan Pro Wrestling. If it does end up being the Ironman, Riviera will have his work cut out for him tonight! Although let’s not kid ourselves. Brandon Gatson vs. Sonjay Dutt will most likely steal the show. On paper it has all the potential to be a Match of the Year Candidate.

Finest City Wrestling
FCW is hosting it’s Halloween event tonight as well. Just a quick programming note, Vermin is slated to take on PPRay. I don’t know who will be representing Vermin, but it won’t be the ole RockNES Monsters, because YUMA is still suffering from the effects of his injury at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and is likely out of action until February. Outside of that, the card looks to be incredible. The Main Event featuring Famous B, Big Duke, Chavo Guerrero, and Big DUKE might just bring the entire house down.

Stardom USA
La Rosa Negra suffered a significant injury to both knees while on tour. She’s going to require surgery, but inflammation in her knees is preventing the surgery for now, she will have to return to the states to get the surgery. If you’d like to donate to her GoFundMe account, click here. Hudson Envy is also taking time off to recoup from her injuries. Stardom USA is giving away a Tour Gide Book autographed by everyone on the cover. To win you have to like the Stardom USA Fan Page, write who your favorite Stardom USA Star is and why they are your favorite. The contest will end at 9pm EST (in the USA) on November 3. You may enter from any country. The winner will be notified via facebook message by November 4. Thank you for entering!

Upcoming Events in SoCal
NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling “Terror Rising 2015? in Santa Maria, TONIGHT October 30 @ 7:35 PM
FCW “The Halloween Super Show” in Imperial Beach, TONIGHT October 30 @ 8:00 PM
UEW presents “HELLBOUND 2015? in East Los Angeles, Saturday October 31 @ 8:00 AM

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