[Recap] Stardom USA on October 18th 2015

Stardom USA
Esther Snyder Community Center
October 18th 2015
Baldwin Park, Ca

Good evening Socaluncensored faithfuls, your roaming reporter Mike Draven is back with a recap of the action packed Stardom USA event taking place on Sunday, October 18th from the Esther Snyder Community Center in Baldwin Park, Ca.

Your ring announcer for the evening was Ms. Jessica Renee as she introduced the Stardom USA roster as they came to the ring to do the playing of the Japan & US National Anthems as Stardom President Cheerleader Melissa welcomed everyone to the event.

6 Woman Tag Team Match:
“The Drunken Samurai” Act Yasukawa, Kyoko Kimura & Thunder Rosa def “Ultra Girl” Brittany Star 9 10-18-15Wonder, Datura & Nicole Savoy as Kyoko Kimura would hit a 2nd rope Senton Splash on Datura followed by Act Yasukawa hitting a Swanton Bomb onto Datura for the victory in a solid opening contest.

Non-Title Match:
NWA Women’s & Shimmer Champion Santana Garrett def Kris Wolf with a “Shining Star Press” Springboard Somersault on Wolf for the win.

Lady Luck Championship:
Cheerleader Melissa def Shayna Baszler via a Reverse Cloverleaf submission as Baszler went unconscious from the submission hold & Cheerleader Melissa successfully retained the championship.

Tag Team Match:
Kairi Hojo & Former WWE Diva Champion Melina def TNA star Mia Yim & “The Tattooed Monster” Star 7 10-18-15Hudson Envy as Yim accidentally gave a spinning backwards kick on Envy as Melina was able to deliver a cutter onto Yim who was placed on top of Envy & Hojo executed an Impactful Flying Elbow drop from the top rop, pinning Envy & scoring the win.

Main Event for the Goddesses of Stardom Tag Team Championship:
Io Shirai & Mayu Iwatani def Hiroyo Matsumoto & Kellie Skater as Shirai & Iwatani delivered an “Indy Taker” Spiked Tombstone Piledriver on Skater as well as Shirai hitting a Top Rope Moonsault on Skater for the pinfal victory & successfully retain the championship.

Afterwards, Cheerleader Melissa would hand the mics to Io Shirai & Mayu Iwatani who would thank the fans for attendance as the fans chanted for Stardom to return.

This evening’s event had a great turnout of fans for this second Stardom show. Plenty of support from Star 3our So Cal talent made their way out to check out the action as Joey Ryan, Laura James, Fidel Bravo, Sexy Chino, Jake Metal, Jesse Hernandez & Dr. Vandal Drummond were in attendance as well as Former WWE Star Yoshi Tatsu. This was also a final apperance (for the time being) as Datura will be heading to Japan to work for Stardom soon. Also in attendance was Knokx Pro’s Holiday Holidead as she too will be heading to Japan to work with Stardom.

Overall, from top to bottom it was a solid event as all the fans got into every match with chants of “This is Awesome” & “Womens Wrestling”. And for those in attendance (Like myself), we got to see for the 2nd time Former WWE’s Melina Perez in the ring again & she looked fantastic, didn’t seem she missed a beat as she put on a great performance in her tag team match…maybe this won’t be the last time we witness Melina in the ring & hopefully she’ll return to compete in the ring very soon.

As to my Matches of the Night, very hard decision as the ladies brought it in every match..we had a lot of fast paced, high adrenaline matches as well as strong, technical wrestling. So I give the nod to:

Io Shirai & Mayu Iwatani vs Hiroyo Matsumoto & Kellie Skater: fast paced, high impacted match as both Star 1teams would use everything in their arsenal to stop the other. Matsumoto would also demonstrate her power by sending Iwatani to the outside on to some of the ladies of Stardom as well as tossing her own partner, the Australian born Skater on top of them as well. All four ladies had magic in this match & kudos to all.

Cheerleader Melissa vs Shayna Baszler: The most technical match on the card as both ladies would use wear down holds & submission wrestling to gain the advantage. Baszler who only had a handful of matches under her belt looked solid as she faced the veteran Cheerleader Melissa.*

Kairi Hojo & Melina vs Mia Yim & Hudson Envy: The treat of seeing Melina return to the ring for the 2nd time in a few years along with the “Pirate” Kairi Hojo as well as seeing TNA star Mia Yim (Jade) & “The Future of Women’s Wrestling” Hudson Envy was a fun match for all. Again, Melina didn’t seemed to have any ring rust in her match as she took the force of Yim & Envy. Very good back & forth action between all four ladies but in the end the fans were the winners as they enjoyed the match. Kudos to everyone at Stardom USA.

As always, I would like to thank you all for your continuous support to the great promotions in SouthernStar 8 10-18-15 California.

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