[RECAP] UEW “Shell Shock” on September 5th 2015

Underground Empire Wrestling
Shell Shock
UEW Auditorium
September 5th 2015
East Los Angeles, Ca

Good morning SoCalUncensored faithfuls, it’s your roaming reporter Mike Draven here to give you the recap of the UEW “Shell Shock” event from the infamous UEW Auditorium in East Los Angeles, Ca on Saturday September 5th 2015.

“The Voice of the Underground” Kyle Wylde along with Derrick Zane run down the card for this evenings event as we kicked off with singles competition.

“The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black def Shilou Greaves with a Spear in a solid opening contest.20150905_200112

The Heavy Hitters (Tony Raze & Biggie Biggs) def Ryan J. Morals & Lawrence Tyler with a Double team finisher Knee/Backbreaker combo (Imagine Demolishion’s finisher back in the 80’s). After the match, representing UEW Tag Team Champions Urban Dicipline of Jimi Mayhem & Diskord would attack The Heavy Hitters until Tony Raze would get an equalizer to fend off U.D.
Biggie Biggs would then challenge them to a tables match if they had the guts to accept as both Mayhem & Diskord would stare them down.

Triple Theat Match:
Prior to the start, Former WWE Star “The Warlord of Weird” Sinn Bohdi would come out & announce a partnership of the UEW & Freakshow wrestling to be held on October 18th entitled Hardcore Halloween as every match on the card to be a “Hardcore” Match & in the main event it will be a Triple Threat as three Former WWE stars go into battle as Sinn Bohdi will face “The Vampire Warrior” Gangrel & The Boogyman!!

Sunami def “The Warlord of Weird” Sinn Bohdi & “Rocket Boy” D’Marco Wilson as Sunami delivered a Death Valley Driver on Wilson for the victory. Bohdi would give a Double Arm DDT to Wilson after the match as he would exit the ring.

Underground Rules Match:
Homeless Jimmy def “The Hardcore Kamikaze” Max X as Jimmy would Hurracarana Max X off the top rope onto a Shopping Cart & Barb Wired Spare Tire. After the match as it would looked like the “Viscous Nomad” would continue is onslaught on Max X, he would raise his hand in respect as fans cheered on.

R3 (w/Ryan Clark) def “Big Dick” Hoss Hogg via “Fatality” Samoan Drop on Hogg with assistance from 20150905_213231“Blackhart” Fern Owens to get the 3 count. After the match, Owens would mock Freddy Havoc as he waved a Chiva Flag & would disrespect it by burning the flag as an injured Havoc would come to the ring only to get double teamed by Owens & R3 but “Big Dick” was still at ringside & lend a hand in defending Havoc from Clark’s army. As officials would come out to extinguish the fire, Havoc & UEW President Michael Rummans would exchange words as the fire was able to be contained.

Cult Fiction’s Billy Gram would come out to conduct a special interview to one of the newest members of the UEW roster in “Miracle” Mike James. Gram being around the Professional Wrestling buisness for many years didn’t understand why Mike James would come out under this name instead of his true name. Gram would announced the “Miracle” Mike James is really Michael Reedus the biological brother of the star of AMC’s Walking Dead Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) as chants of Daryl are heard in attendance. Reedus would say that he wanted to make it on his own & has been doing so for many years but since of the television show, other promotions including a “Big Name Company” wanted to bring him in only due to the popularity of his brother.

This would prompt out Danny Limelight as he could care less who he is as he was taking away “His Time” and wanted the fans to “Get there cameras ready” as he is why the fans are at the UEW Auditorium as Gram would call out for an official to make this a legal match up between Limelight & Reedus.

“Miracle” Mike Reedus def Danny Limelight via Crossface Chickenwing submission

UEW I-TV Championship:
“Charming” Biagio Crescenzo def “Exciting” Evan Daniels with a Flipping Piledriver into a Keijo Clutch submission finish. The Human Tornado would come out to congradulate Crescenzo but would also attack him & stood tall in the ring.20150905_222343

UEW Eastern Pacific Championship:
Prior to the start, “Blackhart” Fern Owens would ordered his manager Ryan Clark to the back as he wanted a one on one battle with champion Mike Rayne. Clark looking unsure of why Owens would request this but he would end up leaving ringside as ordered.

Mike Rayne def “Blackhart” Fern Owens as Rayne would Piledrive Owens on top of a ladder positioned in between the middle ropes in the corner.

Both combatants would show sportsmanship to each other in this solid match.

Main Event-Tag Team Death Match:
Cult Fiction (JD Horror & “The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme w/Billy Gram) would come out first as they would talk about how much of a pain in the ass “The Resistance” & Slammin Stu has cause them over the months & issued them a challenge in their tag team death match as it will be a best 3 out of 5 barb wired tables match & if Cult fiction loses, Gram will cut his hair but if The Resistance loses, Slammin Stu must cut his beard.

Cult Fiction (JD Horror & “The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin Supreme w/Billy Gram) def The Resistance (Michael Kruger & “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo Nakamura w/Slammin Stu) as Gram would assist Sage Sin as he would hit Nakamura with a kendo stick & push her into the final table as the Cult Fiction would win. Slammin Stu would try to leave ringside as the entire roster would come out to stop him & he would not only get his beard shaved but an eyebrow as well. But is this the end of The Resistance???

First & foremost, I apologize to everyone as this report is going up a week after the event had taken place but due to my work schedule & tons of internet issues (I already had it written up on Monday but lose the signal & couldn’t save what I wrote) not to mention normal family duties, I finally had some time to post it..again I’m sorry for the delay.

The UEW Auditorium had a great turnout this evening.

My matches of the night goes to:20150905_210716

Biagio Crescenzo vs Evan Daniels
Homeless Jimmy vs Max X
Mike Rayne vs Fern Owens
Sean Black vs Shilou Greaves

UEW returns for Crimson Collition this coming Saturday September 19th at the UEW Auditorium

As always, I would like to thank you all for your continuous support to the great promotions in Southern California.

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