Jay Cal’s View #138

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Is it just me that this is the biggest star studded event in SoCal in a long time? A probable Rookie of the Year candidate has been dismissed by their school and home promotion. Updates with the United Wrestling Network and all the events scheduled for the week and more.

Top Names in Lucha head to SoCal
Southern California’s roots to Lucha Libre have never been stronger than they are today. With the inclusion of AAA/Lucha Underground talent into the Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s BOLA, we knew that this weekend would be filled with a ton of top talents from the world of lucha libre. Aero Star, Drago, Pentagón Jr., Fénix, Angélico and Jack Evans all set to be taking part of the BOLA Tournament. But let’s not sleep on the other luchadores that will be apart of the UIPW and Squared Circle Society this weekend too. Rey Horas (originally Hijo De Rey Misterio) will take on Jacob “The Riot” Diez for Squared Circle Soceity. Horas has gained a lot of notoriety since joining the ranks of EVOLVE. UIPW brings back their Champion, Lucha Underground Star Johnny Mundo who faces off against Mephisto and Volador Jr. in a Triple Threat Match. And following suit, Lucha Libre VIP brings in Misterioso Jr. from CMLL as well as X-Division Champion Tigre Uno aka Extreme Tiger. Also Brian Cage who most recently wrestled against El Patron for the AAA Championship (and also lost his hair) returns to AWS to face Tyler Bateman. Cage is subbing for JT Dunn who couldn’t make it to the event. Plus you’ve got guys like Lil Cholo, Willie Mack, Los Luchas all pulling double duty.

As well as the top Lucha names, there are also guys like the Greek God Papadon returning to AWS, everyone on the PWG roster who isn’t from AAA, and a lot of top tier talent from SoCal. This is a very special weekend for wrestling in Southern California.

SoCal Pro and Danny Limelight part ways
“Socal Pro Wrestling regrets to inform their fans that Danny Limelight Rivera will no longer be performing for our company.

Mr Rivera has been unable to maintain a professional attitude in his dealings with trainers and management, so we unfortunately have no choice but to part ways.
We do understand that some fans will be disappointed by this, but please rest assured that we will continue to bring you the finest wrestling each and every show. Thank you.”

It’s almost unheard of for a promotion in Southern California to sever ties with one of its students, in a public fashion.  Limelight’s reaction on twitter was to say ‘that there are two sides to every story…” however didn’t expand on his side of the story. Danny Limelight in ring career started just about a year ago and has been cultivating a fan base in Oceanside despite his losing record.   Limelight recently debuted for UEW in Los Angeles and is set to be taking part of the 6 pack challenge this weekend at the Pro Wrestling at Central Coast Comic Con in Ventura.  Oddly enough, one of his trainers SoCal Crazy will be apart of that match. The next SoCal Pro event will be Super Clash 2015 on September 12th

United Wrestling Network
The Five Year Anniversary of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood culminated with a huge victory for the United Television Champion “Pretty” Peter Avalon who defeated YUMA to become the Hollywood Heritage Champion.  Avalon joins the likes of Ryan Taylor in becoming the only other Triple Crown Champion in the history of the company.
The network released Episode 222 (air date 8/16) featuring Scorpio Sky vs. Ivory Carey, more 1st Round Matches from the Summer Classic; Anderson Cruz vs. “Main Event” James Morgan, Jakob Austin Young vs. Steven Andrews, and Erik Watts vs. Sergio Vega.  And the UWN TV Championship Match where Kevin Martenson defends against Peter Avalon.  Episode 223 shows the rematch between Avalon and Martenson as well as more Summer Classic 1st Round Matches; Jervis Cottonbelly vs. Bateman, Sasha Darevko vs. Che Cabrera, as well as Hobo vs. JR Kratos, and the Cold Cold World vs. Tag Game Strong.  All available on demand, if you’re a member of the subscription service as well as bonus matches that are these one of a kind never before seen matches that have not been aired on the weekly CWFH Television Program; RockNES Monsters defending the Hollywood Heritage Tag Titles against Natural Selection with Percy Pringle III and Los Luchas from June 26th 2010 in Yuma Arizona, Daniel Bryan vs. Sean “X-Pac” Waltman from November 11th 2007 in Peth Australia, AJ Styles vs. Trent Barretta on June 14th 2014 at Port Hueneme California, and most recently added Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas (The Naturals) taking on Romeo Roseli & Antonio Thomas (The Heart Throbs) from the Tsongas Arena in Lowell MA from July 7th 2006.  Subscription rates start as low as $2. Visit UWN powered by Patreon.  It’s perfect for those of us who do not have access KDOC-TV or YouToo America.

Kudos to the Kidd
When I first read that Harley Race was putting on another seminar, I would never have thought that someone from SoCal would be there. I want to tip my hat to Ryan Kidd who has been at the Harley Race Training Camp since August 24th. The camp features additional coaches along with the multi-time NWA World Champion like New Japan’s Gedo, NOAH’s Namoichi Marifuji, Tom Prichard and Ric Flair. I know that it isn’t easy for Southern California talent to get to Missouri, let alone pay for the camp, but the experiences that Kidd is receiving today as well as the networking will hopefully pay huge dividends. More and more I’ve become a bigger fan of Ryan Kidd and his willingness to do whatever it takes to get better as a wrestler. I suppose there is a reason why he was willing to move across the country, to work dates in Mexico, and to get himself out to Missouri, the kid wants it. Nicely done, Mr. Excitement. If you’d like to follow him on his journey, check out his blog.

Upcoming Events in SoCal
PWG presents “BOLA” Night 1 in Reseda, TONIGHT August 28 @ 8:00 PM
Meet AAA & Lucha Underground Star DRAGO in Huntington Park, Saturday August 29 @ 12:00 PM
Squared Circle Society “Exodus” in East Los Angeles, Saturday August 29 @ 6:00 PM
AWS “Going Head to Head” in South Gate, Saturday August 29 @ 7:00 PM
PWG “BOLA” Night 2 in Reseda, Saturday August 29 @ 8:00 PM
MWF Lucha Libre in Los Angeles, Saturday August 29 @ 8:00 PM
PWG “BOLA” Night 3 in Reseda, Sunday August 30 @ 5:00 PM
UIPW in East Los Angeles, Sunday August 30 @ 5:00 PM
Lucha Libre VIP in Pico Rivera, Sunday August 30 @ 5:00 PM
Pro Wrestling at Central Coast Comic Con in Ventura, Sunday August 30 @ 7:00 PM

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