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#NetflixNeedsLucha… CWFH celebrates 5 years on KDOC. Quite possibly the biggest feud in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood since Cabana and Pearce comes to a head this Sunday, will you be there? Plus, all the events taking place this weekend?

Hashtag, more wrestling is a good thing? I’m not exactly sure how these blue linky things work on Social Media, but I do agree with the relevance of Netflix Needs Lucha, more specifically Lucha Underground. This article by Eric Mutter goes into great detail why Netflix and Lucha Libre would be a perfect fit. I’ve had this discussion before, the way we digest media is changing. The prevailing winds are leaning to more on-demand content. Not just wrestling, but all forms of entertainment. And before TNA landed on their new network, I thought they too would end up on a streaming service like HULU or Netflix. Lucha Underground is a very well produced wrestling program. I don’t love it as much as most people, but I do feel that more wrestling is a good thing. More wrestling on television is a good thing. More wrestling accessible to an audience that wants it, is a great thing. Do you agree? Is there another promotion more suited to be on Netflix? Leave me a comment telling me what you think of a potential paring of Netflix and Lucha Underground.

CWFH Celebrates 5 Year Relationship with KDOC-TV
“You haven’t seen anything yet.” It was a message I would get from David Marquez shortly after I spent three days following the promotion who would become Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on their mini tour. I remember it like was yesterday. The actual tour started on May 22nd 2015 with Mach-1 Wrestling and featured Natural Selection wrestling against Willie Mack and Joey Ryan. Also former NWA World Champion Blue Demon Jr. taking on Aaron Aguilera. The tour would pick back up on June 25th in Oceanside in conjunction with SoCal Pro and would feature NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce vs. Joey Ryan Blue Demon, Jr. vs. Mascara Sagrada. The tour would continue the following day in Yuma Arizona and would be highlighted by a NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match featuring “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce defending against Sean “X-Pac” Waltman. The finale of the tour would touch down in San Bernardino with EWF that would feature a Six Man Tag Main Event Match with Pearce and Natural Selection taking on Scorpio Sky, Joey Ryan, and Waltman. A spectacular four shows for wrestling fans are what led to recreation of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood that kicked off five years ago this weekend in on hallowed grounds for wrestling fans, the former Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana. Claudio Castagnoli, Rocky Romero, TJ Perkins, Colt Cabana, Joey Ryan, Adam Pearce, Willie Mack, RockNES Monsters, Natural Selection, The Tribe, Joey Kaos, Nick Madrid, Los Luchas, and “Pretty” Peter Avalon would all kick off the first ever television taping.

From the Galaxy to the Regent, from Glendale Studios to the Oceanview Pavilion, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has been a staple in the SoCal Scene for five years. And in a time when there were no locally produced wrestling programs, CWFH was that program. Its show help many of it’s talents to the next level be it ROH, TNA, WWE, and even Lucha Underground, David Marquez and company should be celebrated this weekend for doing the imaginable; making a viable wrestling show in the Los Angeles media market.

United Wrestling Network
This feud between “Pretty” Peter Avalon and YUMA dates back to 2006. The duo have never seen eye to eye and have been on the opposite side of the ring multiple times. In 2009 the rivals would be unsuccessful in capturing the Empire Wrestling Federation Cruiserweight Championships in a Cruiserweight Cashout Match. Over the years Avalon would find success in singles, it was Yuma who would find success as a tag team, with Kevin Martenson. Avalon would win the AWS Lightweight Championship. Yuma with Martenson as the RockNES Monsters would win the Mach-1 Tag Titles as well as the SoCal Pro Tag Titles. YUMA and Avalon always ending up on opposite sides of the ring.

Never the less, the real feud between these two came around the rise of popularity of Ray Rosas and Avalon which led to many tag team wars with the RockNES Monster. In Championship Wrestling from Hollywood the top prize for tag teams were the Heritage Tag Team Championships and the two teams battled for weeks and months leading up to the creation of Vermin. The rivalry has been bitter. Vermin’s path to acquire all the championships was halted in its tracks when Avalon won the Red Carpet Rumble guaranteeing himself a shot at Yuma and the Heritage Championship, but took it a step further when he defeated Kevin Martenson for the United Wrestling Network Television Championship. With the top prize of the United Wrestling Network and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on the line the real question is… who’ve you got?

If you’re not there to see it live, never fret this match with most CWFH matches will be taped for television and as part of the United Wrestling Network powered by Patreon.  Subscription rates start as low as $2. It’s perfect for those of us who do not have access KDOC-TV or YouToo America.

Upcoming Events in SoCal
Santino Bros in Bell Gardens, TONIGHT August 21 @ 8:30 PM
Meet Former WWE star Chyna in Huntington Park, Saturday August 22 @ 12:00 PM
EWF Wrestling in Norwalk, Saturday August 22 @ 4:00 PM
UEW “Blood Brothers” in East Los Angeles, Saturday August 22 @ 7:00 PM
OCCW “No Pity In Midway City II” in Midway City, Sunday
August 23 @ 1:00 PM

CWFH TV Taping in Port Hueneme, Sunday August 23 @ 3:00 PM

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