Calternative 2 Raw CANCELED

I received a message via my personal facebook page from Steel Cage Radio that the Calternative 2 Raw CalTernative 2 Raw 2015 flyer 2 - Copywhich was scheduled to take place on Monday, July 6th has been officially canceled. The concept was like the Rawlterative in which they showcased Independent Promotions from everywhere in the U.S., Calternative was going to focus on the promotions from California.

Unfortunately with the promoting of this event via Social Media & as well as contacting promotions, SCR informed me that they haven’t received any messages or matches from any promotions to be aired for this special. With the original last day to submit matches coming up in a week or two & with no responses, SCR felt it was best to cancel this event & maybe will try again another year.

Steel Cage Radio did inform me that even thought Calternative 2 Raw will not happen, Insane Wrestling League will offer fans a “FREE 4 ALL” of IWL matches from previous events as a replacement. No indication of which matches or IWL I-PPV will be aired on July 6th but IWL will give the fans something else to watch if they don’t feel like watching Monday Night Raw.

Again, this would have been a great idea to showcase all of our amazing talent & promotions from the state of California but since the promotions own the rights to their matches, SCR couldn’t air anything without their permission. So I hope one day, Calternative 2 Raw will happen because I believe this opportunity will give the world a chance to see what we in the State of California already know & that is we have some of the best talent out there..Passionate, Dedicated, Hard working, Hard hitting individuals who loves to step in the squared circle to entertain all of you the fans each & every weekend.