A Recap of AWS Ladies Night 5/30/15

May 30th AWS “Ladies Night” at American Legion Post #335, South Gate. Big names, big matches, and the popular “5 men v. 5 women match” helped draw a capacity crowd to the legion hall.

1 – “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo p. Tab Jackson Strong opener where Tab did some of the things her cousins, The Young Bucks, do; but didn’t have enough against Kikyo. Kikyo finished it with her “Kamikaze Bomb” / Senton Bomb combo for the pin.

2 – Shotzi Blakk Heart p. “Ultra Girl” Brittany Wonder Great match between the two Nor Cal ladies ended with Shotzi dodging a Running Stinkface, then getting a Crucifix Rollup for the pin.

3 – Triple Threat Match. Raze p. both Kahmora & Kitana Vera Kahmora & Kitana may’ve kept her out of the ring for a good portion of the match, but Raze found the right opening at the right time. Raze waited for Kitana to go for a signature move on Kahmora, then hit her “Soul Eater” Spear on Kitana, forcing a DDT on Kahmora for the double-pin.

4 – Sage Sin Supreme p. Renee Michelle Another great match ended with Sage hitting her Run-and-Jump Code Red/Canadian Destroyer for the pin.

5 – Nicole Savoy scored a tapout submission on Laura James This was easily the most technical match on the card, mixed in with some stiff strikes, and slams. Nicole managed to roll in a series of submission moves that Laura couldn’t quite get out of, ending it with a triangle submission to force the tapout.

6 – Datura scored a tapout submission on Amazona There was quite a divisive crowd that were going for their favorite luchadora. The most expected lucha-oriented match on the card ended with Datura putting Amazona in what looked like a combination of an Armbar & a Leglock submission hold to force the tapout.

SM – No-DQ, Falls Count Anywhere, Women’s title match (w/ former WWE Diva Melina as the special guest referee, & Referee Rick Knox providing outside enforcement) between Hudson Envy & Cheerleader Melissa ended in a time-limit draw Both ladies took a good portion of this match outside the ring. Hudson got busted open while eating Melissa’s signature array of chair shots, but managed to fight on. Both ladies traded submission holds, and Air Raid Crash finishers, but time ran out before neither women could score a pinfall. Therefore, Hudson retains the title.

M – The fan-favorite “5-on-5 Men v. Women Match” w/ Katarina Leigh Waters (f.k.a. Katie Lee Burchill in WWE, & Winter in TNA) as the special guest referee Men: PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas), The Suburban Commandos (T-Rent & D-Unit), & Jeckles The Jester (w/ Cap. Comic Con) Women: Raze & Sage, Kikyo, Brittany Wonder, & Nicole Savoy As expected, there were plenty of great comedy and wrestling gimmicks, mixed with serious intergender wrestling. The men cut a series of promos, even bringing Referee Justin Borden out as an outside enforcer. Once the wrestling did get started, all 10 wrestlers pulled out all the stops, doing comedic moves, where it was possible. In the end, Justin Borden pulled Katarina out of the ring, preventing a 3-count after Raze hit the “Soul Eater” on PPA, and it was total chaos after. Justin did some men-favoring counts after, only to eat Katarina’s boot to the face. All 5 ladies did a Deadlift Powerbomb on Rosas for a team pin.AWS Intergender 5 on 5 05-23-15

Once again, Bart pulled out all the stops possible to help book a high quality, women-oriented card. All the ladies produced some high quality wrestling, and the 5 men (+ Justin Borden) that worked with the women also gave a great showing. Personally, I’m not sure where the Hudson/Melissa feud goes from here, but if that match doesn’t open doors to other big bookings for Hudson Envy, then I don’t know what will.

MOTN: The Men v. Women Match, followed by the Hudson/Melissa match, then the Nicole Savoy/Laura James match