[RECAP] IWL “IWL & The Devastation Device” on April 25th 2015

This is your roaming reporter, Socaluncensored.com’s Mike Draven and I’m here to recap Insane IWL 4-25-15Wrestling League’s IWL & The Devastation Device which took place at the American Legion Hall in Baldwin Park, Ca on Saturday April 25th 2015.

As your commentators “Mr. 5 Card Stud” Jeff Maverick & Dee Dee welcomed everyone on their IPPV via Roku as well as on Youtube.com, Tony Graziano welcomes everyone in the ring as we kick off with your Preshow Match as “The One” Blake Grayson vs “Charming” Biagio Crenscenzo vs The American Oni (w/Pris).

Preshow-Triple Threat Match for the #1 Contendership to the IWL Breakout Championship:

The American Oni (w/Pris) def “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo & “The One” Blake Grayson via Dragon Sleeper Submission on Crescenzo to become the NEW #1 Contender for the IWL Breakout Championship.

Former IWL Heavyweight Champion Johnny Saovi comes out as he looks to recruit Biagio Crescenzo to join him & allow him to guide Crescenzo into the promise lands of the Insane Wrestling League. Crescenzo would shake his hand as they now form an alliance to take down the IWL & to reclaim the championship for Saovi.

The event officially kicks off with tag team action.

Tag Game Strong (Leo Blaze & Cedric “The Hitman” King) def The Black Parade (Eli Everfly & Pinky) with a roll up pinfall.

After the match, The Black Parade continue the assault on Tag Game Strong until Security cleared the ring.

3 Way Dance Match:
Kahmora def Seville the Thrill & “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews with a Tombstone Piledriver on Andrews for the win in this hard hitting match up. A unhappy Seville the Thrill would throw a very bad temper tantrum & would trash talk to the fans as he made to the back.

As we get ready for the next match, OC Damon Divine would come out wearing his haze-mat suit, disinfecting the ring & the mic before he talks about how he became sick from the infectious fans of the IWL & talks about his opponent Biggie Biggz. Biggz would come out to a great ovation as he dances around ringside.

OC Damon Divine def Biggie Biggz after Divine threw some liquid into Biggz’s eyes & hit a Ace Crusher (Stone Cold Stunner) on him for the win.

IWL Breakout Championship
“The Scourge of Grizzly Hills” Joseph Knox def Ali Huessein to retain the IWL Breakout Championship

After the match, The American Oni would come out, deliver an Enzaguri followed by a Dragon Sleeper on the champion as he puts the exclamation point on Knox since he’s the new #1 contender for the Breakout Championship.

IWL Anarchy Championship:
Justin Ryke def Che Cabrera with a Spear to retain the IWL Anarchy Championship

After the match, Seville the Thrill would attack Ryke from behind & try to recruit Che Cabrera to help in the beat down but Cabrera would throw Seville out of the ring. Seville would grab the mic & issue a challenge to Ryke for his Anarchy Championship & said if Cabrera want some too, he’ll beat them both. Cabrera & Ryke would shake hands in sportsmanship as its now official for IWL Sicko Sircus in June.

Mix Tape Kings (Jacob “The Riot” Diez & Jerome “LTP” Robinson) def The Arrogant Bastards (Devin Sparks & Ric Ellis) with a Double Foot Stomp from LTP & “Ay Diez Mejo” from Deiz onto Ellis for the win in this hard hitting tag team match.

“The New Age Punisher” B-Boy def “Mr. Excitement” Ryan Kidd via Triangle Choke Submission for the win.

Main Event
7 Shades of Insanity for the IWL Heavyweight Championship:
(7 Man Match, One Fall)

“Pretty” Peter Avalon def “Mr. New Era” Eric Cross, Ray Rosas, Chris Evans, Simon Lotto, Johnny Saovi & “Big Nasty” Eric Watts as Avalon rolled up Cross for the win & to become the NEW IWL Heavyweight Champion.

Ray Rosas is stunned as he had Simon Lotto in a submission move & can’t believe he lost his championship to his PPRAY tag team partner. Eric Cross would laugh at Rosas expense only to get superkicked by the former champion as he’s still upset about the lose & Peter Avalon tried to calm Rosas down. Rosas would present the championship to Avalon & shake hands as both men raise their arms in victory & the new champion celebrates in the ring to end the night.

As you can see on the top of recap, the entire event from the Insane Wrestling League is there for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, there’s some video & audio interruptions on this Youtube broadcast with the audio completely gone towards the end of the B-Boy/Ryan Kidd match to the end of the event. If you would like to see a better resolution & probably full audio of the event, you can visit IWL’s Roku Channel or IWL’s website at: http://www.h8feed.com/IWL/

Overall it was a good show with a lot of hard hitting action & mat wrestling. As to my Matches of the Night, I give the nod to:

B-Boy vs Ryan Kidd
This match was extremely well done, hard hitting, action paced & solid mat wrestling action. B-Boy continues to show So Cal why he’s one of the very best in every match I see in any promotions he works for like IWL, AWS & currently Lucha Underground. This is by far the best match I’ve seen Ryan Kidd in as he really took it to B-Boy with technical, mat wrestling. In the end, the veteran took the best from the youngster but overcame & won in this solid match.

Mixtape Kings vs Arrogant Bastards
Hard Hitting match as all four men gave each other everything. Arrogant Bastards continue to show there “Take No Prisoners” style wrestling as they were very solid working over Jacob Diez and this being their IWL debut. In the end, the #1 contenders for the IWL Tag Team Championship The Mix Tape Kings persevere & prove their a team not to be underestimated as they showed everyone in Baldwin Park their heart, determination & why they may be the next Champions..Young Bucks, be ready for war.

Kahmora vs Seville vs Steven Andrews
At the last IWL event, these three individuals were in a Fatal 4 way along with Che Cabrera & had a heck of a match. They continue to push each other whenever they face each other in the ring. Both Seville & Steven Andrews didn’t hold back on Kahmora being the fairer sex & she held her own against her male counterparts getting the win in this great match up. Not to mention that we saw Seville return later on in the evening attacking IWL’s Anarchy champion Justin Ryke as we knew sooner or later, they would have met up since they’ve been talking trash on social media for quite some time.

7 Shades of Insanity Match
Action all around ringside, in the ring & out of the ring. Your eyes would try to focus on two individuals but you couldn’t help to look around. Different style of wrestling with mat based or high flying but overall a fun match to watch.

Insane Wrestling League will return in June for Sicko Sicus 2015, more details will be revealed soon from the IWL. Keep your eyes out on Socaluncensored for all the details but as of now this is what might be scheduled for Sicko Sircus 2015:

IWL Tag Team Championship:
The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)(c) vs The Mix Tape Kings (Jerome “LTP” Robinson & Jacob “The Riot” Diez)

3 way Dance for the IWL Anarchy Championship:
Justin Ryke (c) vs Che Cabrera vs Seville the Thrill

IWL Breakout Championship:
Joseph Knox (c) vs The American Oni (w/Pris)

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