[RECAP] LSA “The Comeback” on February 28th 2015

Lucha Society of AmericaLSA 2-28-15 flyer
The Comeback
Rio Hondo Boys & Girls Club
February 28th 2015
Bell Gardens, Ca

This is the one & only, Socaluncensored.com’s own Mike Draven here with your recap of the LSA event which took place on Saturday, Feb 28th 2015 in Bell Gardens, Ca.

I was the ring announcer for this event as I welcomed everyone to the show. We kick off with two wrestlers who know each other quite well as The American Oni faced Dexter Milhouse.

The American Oni (w/Pris) def Dexter Milhouse with a neckbreaker into a Dragon Sleeper combo to make Milhouse tap out in a solid opener to kick off this evenings show.

Two fan favorites now square off as the Ridiculous one El Ridiculoso faces The champion of a balance breakfast..Cereal man.

Cereal Man def El Ridiculoso with a Flying Splash from the Top Rope for the victory as both men would shake hands in this fun match.

Sexy Chino def “El Chido” Hector Canales by pinfall after Hector would go through multiple transformations from “El Chido” to “The Real Man’s Man” in the match that gave the fans in attendance a sight to see in this fun match between these two grapplers.

“The Athlete” Mike Camden def “Awesome” Andy Palafox via an Armbar Submission in this action paced match up that the fans really got behind in.

As I was about to introduce our special house band for the night Regime Noir, a masked man by the name of Bobby Gorgeous would come out & demand why he wasn’t booked on this evenings event. LSA Commissioner James T. “Flash” Gordon would go on to say he wasn’t on the list but if he’s willing to wrestle, Gordon would call out anyone in the back to accept this challenge as “The God of War” Aries & his manager would come out.

Gorgeous would end up pinning Aries for a 2 count & thought he won the match as the referee was explaining it was a 2 count. Bobby Gorgeous would celebrate around the ring until security would throw him back in & he was on the receiving end of a Lariat Clothesline & Aries would win.

Commissioner “Flash” Gordon would also call out any other star in the back to face the self proclaim LSA United States Champion as Barrio Boy answered the & defeated him. Gordon would end saying don’t ask for something if you can’t back it up as we went to intermission…Ah Right, Ah Right!

We would return with some Lucha Libre action as two masked luchadors do battle as Viper goes one on one with Golden Mask (Mascara de Oro).

Golden Mask (Mascara De Oro) def Viper with a reverse powerbomb pinfall for the victory.

Main Event for the LSA World Heavyweight Championship:
“The Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel def Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli by hitting him with the championship while the ref was down to retain the LSA Championship.

This was LSA 1st event in about two years & it drew a good crowd despite that there was a circus next door to the event. This was a “Testing the waters” feel since its been awhile since LSA had an event with the hopes of possible more shows in the 2015 but only time will tell. But everyone who worked the event had a great time & gave those in attendance a good show.

My Matches of the Night goes to:

Mike Camden vs Andy Palafox
Ricky Mandel vs Dom Vitalli
American Oni vs Dexter Milhouse

If you would like to see photos of the event courtesy from The Lucha Connection: https://www.facebook.com/Luchaconnection/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums

Again I would like to thank everyone at Lucha Society of American for having me apart of the show as the ring announcer. Be sure to keep an eye on our calendar for possible upcoming events for LSA in the future. As always I say Thank You to you the fans of Southern California for your devotion to supporting Independent Professional Wrestling in So Cal. Please make sure to visit our Socaluncensored event calendar for all the future wrestling events taking place in the month of March: http://socaluncensored.com/events/

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So until next time, this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!!
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