Jay Cal’s View #110

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This week there is a total of two wrestling shows and to be honest, I’m a bit under the weather, so this weeks Jay Cal View will be brief. The SoCalUNCENSORED 2014 Year End Award Nominations are live, make sure you nominate your favorite wrestler today. Daniel Bryan returns to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (sorta). Have you checked out UEW’s Underground i-TV yet? And who in the bloody hell wants to listen to a Vince Russo Q&A?

2014 Year End Awards
The Year End Awards are one of my favorite times of the year. It’s the one time a year as a community we recognize greatness and inevitably piss someone off because their: Brother/Sister, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Son/Daughter, or best friend was left off the list. Guess what, now is your time to rectify this. The Nomination process is already live on SoCalUncensored.com. Nominate your favorite wrestlers in the following categories, Wrestler of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Tag Team of the Year, Most Outstanding Wrestler (based solely on in-ring work), and Match of the Year. I have been asked a few times why we don’t have Women awards. And I’ll tell you. We like to think that here at SoCalUNCENSORED we are forward thinking. That men and women are created equally. And that the term wrestler doesn’t see gender, only talent. Last year Candace LaRae came in second for Most Outstanding Wrestling of the Year, and she and Joey have been nominated for Tag Team of the Year already. Make your voice heard today! Because when the polls go up February 18th it will be officially too late to get a last minute nomination in. And no Gary Yap, they’re not a work.

Daniel Bryan on the United Wrestling Network
When speaking of the vastness of the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood video vault, people tend to forget how far back David Marquez has been promoting professional wrestling and did you know he has promoted in more states, than just California? Although CWFH has produced 200 episodes over five years of promoting wrestling locally, the library contains programming from NWA Pro Wrestling Showcase that originally aired on MavTV and NWA Wrestling Showcase on Colours as well as their arena shows like the Pro Wrestling Summit, the NWA 60th Anniversary Show from Philips Arena, the Copa de Lucha, and the NWA Pro/EPW Tour of Australia that featured WWE’s Daniel Bryan wrestling against Sean “Xpac” Waltman from back in 2007. This tour was part of a tournament to crown the NWA Australian Heavyweight Champion. The tournament featured Rocky Romero, Mikey Nichols, (Cesnaro) Claudio Castagnoli, and Bobby Marshall as well. Also on the card was a NWA World Tag Team Championship Match between the Real American Heroes (Joey Ryan and Karl Anderson) vs. Hartley Jackson and Shane Haste. Waltman and Bryan were the main event and you will be able to watch it via the United Wrestling Network powered by Patreon. To join now for as little as $2 a month, click here.

Underground i-TV
Internet broadcasting of professional wrestling isn’t anything new in Southern California. Anyone else remembers Ultimate Pro Wrestling putting their shows available on-line? Since the advent of YouTube, it isn’t uncommon for promotions to put up entire shows on line for consumption. Underground Empire Wrestling joins the ever growing list of wrestling content providers. The plan via their press-release is to launch a private Roku Channel and make their content available via smartphones and tablets. “Our goal is to ensure that you can watch our weekly product when you want, where you want, and of course, it’s free.” The show thus far hasn’t been anything ground breaking. However to their credit, the production is a little different. After the first ten minutes I’m reminded of XPW TV, which I think that might have been what UEW were going for. The first half of the show was all about Dino Winwood’s quest to remove Bobby Heart as Champion. The second half of the first episode was all about Sage Sin and her “Dad” Supreme. I only use the quotations marks, because I’ve heard conflicting stories about their relationship. For those who are unimpressed with this weekend’s live event offerings, may I suggest checking out episodes of Underground i-TV?

Vince Russo Q&A
My first reaction in hearing that Vince Russo was coming to Southern California, more specifically, the Wrestling Guy Store to do a Hour Long Q&A and Photo Op I thought to myself, why in the world would I (or anyone for that matter) spend $30 to talk to Vince Russo. The man hasn’t been relevant in wrestling for nearly twenty years and many would argue he was never relevant. But then I started to think about it. I thought about things differently as I like to shed some positivity in professional wrestling. There are least half a dozen questions I have for Russo. How was it coming up in the wrestling business with the birth of the internet and how did that impact the way the WWE did business, most people do know that Russo heavily contributed for the old WWE Magazine under the name Vic Venom. And I’m sure there are some interesting stories to be shared about transitioning from the way business was done to how it is done today. With no questions off limits, I’m sure there are hundreds of questions to ask. But seriously for thirty dollars I think I’d have to ask about the repeated jabs of that knife in the back of WCW as the poor defenseless wrestling company never knew how poisons Russo’s touch would be to their company and how toxic of an environment he created. Or maybe not, I don’t know… if it’s your thing make sure you take pictures and ask some incredibly heinous questions, its costing your $30.

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