Jay Cal’s View #108

This weekend is Superbowl Sunday.  And when most of us will be watching Football on Sunday (no local wrestling is running Sunday), Saturday is packed with five shows.  This week; the Sixteen names of King of the Indies are announced, Chavo Guerrero will be filling in for Super Porky (I’d rather watch Chavo anyway), and the Von Dooms are now double booked… in a good way!


King of Indies
The Final Sixteen names have been released that will be making up the King of Indies Tournament that is scheduled to be apart of Wrestlemania Weekend with the WWNLive.com.

King Of Indies

B-Boy, Rey Horus (formerly known as Hijo De Rey Misterio), Jody Kristofferson, Vinny Massaro, Jeckles the Jester, Rik Luxury, Dyan Drake, El Mariachi, Jeff Cobb, Brian Cage, Adam Thornstone, Willie Mack, Luster the Legend, Lil Cholo, Shawn Ricker, and Timothy Thatcher.  It’s great to see seven SoCal Wrestlers who will be taking part in this tournament.  Massaro is the only original who returns to the Tournament some 14 years later.  The Original King of the Indies was a who’s who of Independent Wrestling.  Some have made the case that this tournament laid the foundation to what would become Ring of Honor.  Members of that tournament were Daniel Bryan, Low Ki, Christopher Daniels, Donovan Morgan, AJ Styles, Doug Williams, Samoa Joe, Adam Pearce, Frankie Kazarian, Jardi Frantz, Scoot Andrews, Brian Kendrick, Super Dragon, Tony Jones and Massaro.  The tournament was so well received that it catapulted nearly ever member of the tournament to the next level of Independent Wrestling.  This year’s tournament will also feature a special attraction match between Juventud Guerrera, Ricochet, and Ultimo Dragon.  I’m hoping to speak to Gabriel Ramirez who is helping to promote the event sometime next week to give an in depth look at the KOI Tournament.  If you’re heading to Santa Clarita for Wrestlemania 31, this is a must event you should go too.

A Rare Chavo Guerrero Sr. Appearance This Weekend
Chavo Guerrero Sr. was the second name inducted into the Southern California Wrestling Hall of Fame back in 2001. Chavo Guerrero has literally been wrestling all of his life. Guerrero became a main stay in Los Angeles as part of the NWA Hollywood group in 1977. Guerrero has wrestled all across the world in some of the most notable wrestling promotions in the world, including the NWA, WWE, AWA, All Japan Pro Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, CMLL, AAA, and has even appeared in the last decade still working in Southern California with Empire Wrestling Federation (which he won their World Championship in ‘06), Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s Legends Wresle-Royale during the Wrestling Reunion in ’11 and just last summer At Summer Sizzle V (The Vendettaversary) Chavo teamed with his son Chavo Jr. to take on Bestia 666and Damian 666 in Santa Maria in August ’14. If you were planning to go to FCW, to see Porky, never fear a true Southern California Wrestling Icon will be taking his place. A bonafide wrestling legend who has literally been wrestling five decades!

The Von Dooms are Double Booked!
Speaking of FCW, The Von Dooms are in high demand this weekend as both Cyanide & Vintage Dragon will be taking apart of two separate six man tag team matches this weekend. First the Von Dooms will team with Lestat to take on the Plague, Durango Kid, and Blood Eagle in the Semi Main Event of Full Contact Wrestling’s return show in Pick Rivera at A Mi Hacienda. Then only a mere few hours later they team up with the EWF Heavyweight Champion “Ironman” Mike Maze to take on the “Triangle of Terror” Prince Raccid Najjar, Uday Ukleja,and Abu the Terrible sa the Esther Snyder Community Center in Baldwin Park. Finally a double booking that is a positive.

Upcoming Events in SoCal:
FCW LA in Pico Rivera, Saturday @ 3:00 PM
EWF in Baldwin Park, Ca January 31 @ 6:00 PM
Knokx Pro in Sun Valley, Ca January 31 @ 6:00 PM
UEW: “Brutal Breed” in Sun Valley, Saturday @ 7:00 PM
MWF in Los Angeles, Saturday @ 8:00 PM