[RESULTS] FUW “Last Call” on January 15th 2015

Fans United WrestlingFUW 1-15-15 flyer
Last Call
Skybox Sports Grill
January 15th 2015
San Diego, Ca

“THE” JON ALLEN welcomed the fans to LAST CALL, the final pro wrestling show to ever take place at the Skybox!

-MATT TWIZTED vs MALDECIDO: The Massive Maldecido defeated Twizted in decisive fashion with a claw slam!

-C-LOVE vs WRESTLING MATT: Before the match started, C-Love infuriated Wrestling Matt by serenading Matt’s sister who was in attendance! The two then waged war in a back and forth battle which spilled to the outside, with Matt narrowly achieving a count-out victory by barely sneaking back into the ring by the count of ten!

-4 Way Match; SASHA DAREVKO defeated CEDRIC THE HITMAN, HOSS HOGG, and DONNIE SUAREZ by pinning Donnie Suarez! Afterward, he celebrated with a shot of vodka!

-ANTHONY IDOL vs MIKEY O’SHEA: Anthony was able to defeat Mikey by pinfall with his finisher the “Idol Overdrive!”

-6 Man Tag Match: MIKE CAMDEN, RUDY, and MOTROS JUNGLE vs DARK USAGI, ALI HUSSEIN, and BRUCE GWARSTEIN was ruled as a double count out after both teams took to the floor brawling on the outside and refused to return to the ring!

ALI’S HOOKAH LOUNGE! RUDY was announced as Ali’s first guest, citing Rudy needed help getting his head back in the game, having been pinned by ASHLEY GRACE at the previous Fans United Wrestling show in December! Rudy said he hadn’t been able to sleep or even think straight since that night, and asked Ashley to come to the ring. Ashley’s music hit, and she made her way into the squared circle! Rudy then dropped to one knee!!! As the fans started going crazy, Rudy asked if Ashley would be his…TAG TEAM PARTNER! Somewhat taken aback, Ashley answered “maybe.” Rudy began celebrating, getting the crowd to chant “maybe” along with him! BRUCE GWARSTEIN made his way to the ring saying that this whole display was pathetic, and began attacking the two with Ali’s help! Rudy and Ashley were able to fight off the duo, and then changed her answer to Rudy’s proposal a firm “YES!”

JACOB “THE RIOT” DIEZ defeated ELI EVERFLY in their hardest hitting match anywhere EVER! One of the highlights of match involved Jacob powerboming Eli onto the ring apron from the floor on every single side of the ring! Eli would do his best to fight back and nearly won the championship several times, but would finally be bested via a powerbomb into the turnbuckles followed by the “Aye Diez Mio!”

-ASHLEY GRACE vs “THE DRAG QUEEN!” A strange figure clad in drag (looking somewhat suspiciously like INCENDIO CALAVERA) was billed as Ashley’s opponent for the evening, being described as being the ghost of the Skybox’s past! Ashley won via pinfall to pick up her second win in Fans United Wrestling!

-One last BATTLE ROYALE was held at the Skybox where the winner would receive a title match of his choosing at a time of his choosing. It looked as though Ali Hussein might win and become the first person in history to win 2 FUW batte royales, but due to a well orchestrated distraction by Ashley Grace, MOTROS JUNGLE was able to capitalize and take home the victory!

“The Nomad” DAMON DIVINE was able to defeat SEVILLE “THE THRILL” ALVAREZ via his patented running powerslam to retain his title in an incredibly hard hitting finale to the show!

Jon Allen returned to the ring to close out the show, asking the fans to join him in a “Thank You Skybox” chant to thank them for hosting live professional wrestling in San Diego for several years when very few others would. He also addressed the “elephant in the room”…without the Skybox, would there still be a Fans United Wrestling? “HELL F***IN’ YES!!!” A new venue had already been found, and he invited the fans to continue following them online for announcements of future shows, including an upcoming FUW award show! He than thanked the fans at the Skybox one last time to close out the night!

RESULTS by FUW’s Jon Allen