Jay Cal’s View #105

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It’s a New Year, New Me… well, the old me? I’m not quite sure which me this is, but it’s the “me” that wants to get back on the ball with Jay Cal Views.  The time honored tradition from the founder of SoCalUNCENSORED Mr. Steve Bryant was to write a monthly or even sometimes weekly article to write about what the going-ons of Southern California Pro Wrestling.  In this issue, we’ve got the PP3 Tournament Participants, United Wrestling Network (powered by Patreon), Twitter Controversies, SoCal Wrestling headed to Japan, and this week’s upcoming events.

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood

How do you top the Finale of the bonus rounds of Seven Levels of Hate?  The send off that “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce received at the last round of television taping was a very special moment.  There isn’t away to top it.  But the show goes on and the first taping of the year launched the Third Annual PP3 Cup.  The Percy Pringle III Tournament Cup grants the winner of the tournament a shot at any championship in CWFH.  The last two previous tournament champions were Ryan Taylor (2013) and Ricky Mandel (2014).  This year’s tournament participants include:  Shaun Ricker, Johnny Yuma, Timothy Thatcher, Sasha Darveko, Joey Ryan, Ray Rosas, Che Cabrera, and James Morgan.  Tournament kicks off Sunday when Cabrera and Thatcher lock horns in the opening round.

United Wrestling Network

The longest running modern day wrestling program in Southern California without a shadow of a doubt has been Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.   Outlasting XPW, UPW, and EPIC (combined) the weekly episodic wrestling program has been a stable on the late night (or early morning, depending on how you look at it) for KDOC Saturday Nights.  And if you’re like me, unwilling to stay up (or wake up) and don’t have a DVR, then the United Wrestling Network’s Network might just be the deal for you.  Powered by Patreon, the United Wrestling Network is using the familiar method of crowd sourcing.  You pledge (subscribe) so many dollars a month and you get access to “all of our video content.  Past, Present, on-going, future, you will get private Vimeo links with passwords and be ahead of [their] television broadcasts– getting the shows as soon as they are done being edited, before they are sent to the television stations to air.”  Which means the plethora of matches over the years that have been produced by David Marquez’s wrestling promotions will be made available to you the patron.  As of this writing you can pledge as little as a $2 a month, with higher tiers and greater incentives also available.  If you’d like to learn more or sign up, please follow this link.

 “Keep your mouth shut, your ears open, and you might just learn something”

I hereby offer my services to any wrestler who needs a publicist… someone to do their social media for them.  Social Media is a great tool, when used correctly.  It can drive merchandise and it can gain you exposure, but in the wrong hands can make you a pariah.   2013 Rookie of the Year Eli Everfly make a rookie mistake last week posting some incendiary comments on Twitter.  Everfly is an exciting young talent, but perhaps he should think twice before posting insensitive comments publicly.


Hudson Envy to Japan

It seemed for a lifetime that the goal of most Indie Wrestlers in Southern California had two dreams; to work for the WWE or to work in Japan.  Over the years we’ve seen many of SoCal’s finest make their way to the Land of the Rising Sun, and we can officially add Hudson Envy to that list.  Currently the reigning and defending AWS Ladies Champion and a regular for Vendetta Pro Wrestling, Envy will be competing for Stardom.  Stardom is a Joshi Promotion.  According to Wikipedia “Stardom also places heavy emphasis on the physical attractiveness of its workers, and publishes several modeling photobooks and calendars of its workers per year. Stardom’s in-ring style takes influence from mixed martial arts with many workers relying on kicks as the main part of their offense.”  Good luck to Hudson.

Upcoming Events in SoCal:

EWF: “Heroes & Villains” in Covina, Friday @ 8:00 PM

SoCal Pro: “New Year Retribution” in Oceanside, Saturday @ 7:00 PM

Freakshow Wrestling in Bellflower, Saturday @ 8:00 PM

OCCW: “Brawl in the USA” in Midway City, Sunday @ 1:00 PM

CWFH: TV Taping in Port Hueneme, Sunday @ 3:00 PM

Lastly, thanks to everyone for reading.  For those of you who are on the creative side, I need a new logo for Jay Cal’s View.  I’m offering a SCU Prize Package for the artist who creates the new SCU Logo.  Please send your submissions to Jay.Cal@SoCaluncensored.com before February 1st and if your logo is chosen, you will win the prize package including DVDs and more.  All entrants will get a cheap plug in this column, so what do you have to lose, enter today.