ROH/PWG talents future unclear

So there’s an article going around that broke this morning ROH and PWG Logostating that Ring of Honor wrestling may be limiting the talent to work other promotions which includes Southern California’s own Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. If this does become true, it won’t go into effect until the beginning of the year.
From the article, this decision may be coming from the higher power of ROH who may not understand the indie scene. With the recent celebrity sightings at PWG, this may open more eyes & hopefully the ROH talent will speak up in wanting to continue to wrestle for PWG.

But if this does go into effect, what will this mean for PWG? Do you feel that PWG can continue to thrive like usual if they showcase more of our homegrown SO CAL/Nor Cal talents or with stars from other states who haven’t been given their opportunities to perform at PWG? Or do you feel that without the talents of Ring of Honor in PWG, will this hurt the promotion?

I know that some So Cal stars I’ve talked to in the past at events or with interviews on SoCalUncensored, they have said that Pro Wrestling Guerrilla has been a goal of theirs for some time & this might be the golden opportunity for them to achieve that dream.

Now the question is, if Ring of Honor is out, who would you like to see come into PWG? Stars from EWF, Knokx Pro, Santino Bros or Vendetta Pro? What about talents from Nor Cal promotions like Action Coast Empire, Hoodslam, Pro Wrestling Bashido or what about from Out of State promotions like WCWC in Oregon, Future stars of Wrestling in Nevada or those promotions comprised in the United Wrestling Network? International stars from Mexico, Europe or Japan? How about stars from TNA like Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Kenny King or Austin Aries come to PWG?

I guess we’ll all keep a look out on what the future will hold for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. If you would like to voice your opinion on who you would like to see potentially come to PWG, visit our Message board on, our facebook page: or Tweet us at:
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