Recap of APEX Pro “Variant” September 14th

Apex Pro Variant Kendrick and Gatson Sportsmanship

September 14th, Apex Pro “Variant” at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, as the final program at the Central Coast Comic Con.
About 50 people stayed after the convention to watch this 6-match wrestling card that featured plenty of former mainstream wrestling talent. Apex Pro GM Katarina Leigh Waters got things started by announcing a 6-man, 1-fall match to win “The Key to the Apex Pro Kingdom”, which was probably one of the giant keys that were available for purchase at one of the booths during the said convention.

1 – Robbie Phoenix beat Ali Husein, Ricky Ruffin, Jacob Tarasso, Patient Zero, & Daniel Torch to “win the key”
Great opening action that saw plenty of clusters. Robbie had the final say in a finisher parade, hitting the Michinoku Driver on Daniel for the pin.

* Sinn Bodhi was brought out by Katarina next. However, after the former Kizarny grabbed one of the kids in the audience, Sinn Bodhi got to “enslave” Katarina, in exchange for a No-DQ match.

2 – Terra Calaway & Sunami beat Sage Sin Supreme & Buddy Royal
Great tag team action ended with Terra hitting what looked like a Full Nelson hold into a Rock Bottom on Sage for the pin.

3 – Savannah Riley p. Shelly Martinez
It’s one thing for “Fun Time Shelley” to dress somewhat like Babydoll from “Sucker Punch”. It’s another to try to tap into her inner Gangrel, trying to drink or spit bloodwyne onto Savannah’s face, only to get Superkicked and pinned.

4 – The Von Dooms (Vintage Dragon & Cyanide) successfully defended the Tag Team titles over Cedric The Hitman & Leo Blaze
Great tag team action that ended in a fairly strange way. Referee Jay Stone prevented Cedric from using his briefcase as a weapon, and that led to the Von Dooms hitting their team finisher for Cyanide’s pin on Leo.

SM – No-DQ match. Peter Avalon p. Sinn Bodhi
Great storytelling combined with some great wrestling action. In between the action, PPA tried to free Katarina from being handcuffed & chained to the bottom ropes. He also had to overcome getting his left forearm pressed onto Sinn Bodhi’s “apron of nails”. Eventually, Katarina got free, then put Bodhi in a submission hold just long enough for PPA to hit the Marti-Knees for the pin.

Apex Pro Variant Kendrick and Gatson Sportsmanship

Apex Pro Variant Kendrick and Gatson Sportsmanship

M – Brandon Gatson successfully defended the Heavyweight title over Brian Kendrick
Worthy main event that went back-and-forth throughout. Gatson had to kick out of Sliced Bread #2, while Kendrick had to kick out of the Stunner. In the end, it was Gatson who hit his other bodyslam finisher for the pin, and still, Kendrick thanked the crowd.

A strong card for a post-convention program, where plenty of people in the audience gave out as much energy as they could. The last three matches were great matches to warrant their upper-card placement, but MOTN to me goes to the Gatson/Kendrick match.