[Press Release] New Book: Shut Up & Wrestle

Wrestle Warehouse Announces Kickstarter for “Shut Up and shut up and wrestle coverWrestle!”

New book Shut Up And Wrestle! The Art of Competitive Cooperation provides an inside look at the creation, production and execution of some of the top non-WWE events, characters and companies of the past decade. This unique view of the inner workings of the sport includes anecdotes and stories that feature several of the top names in professional wrestling today as well as suggestions and advice for aspiring and existing wrestlers.

Oceanside, CA – September 22nd, 2014. In his on-screen personality, C. Edward Vander Pyle was one of the most successful managers in professional wrestling this century. In his backstage office role, Marty Lurie was instrumental in the development of countless wrestlers and the production and co-production of over 1,000 events worldwide. Now the two sides of this same person come together to give insight and tell stories illustrating his theories on the athletic performance art known as professional wrestling. Accentuating his tales and advice is the expert photography of Shane M. Kidder, who was there to capture it all on camera and help bring this book to life. Vander Pyle has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including managing World Champions in front of thousands of people and he brings his years of experience on both sides of the curtain to you. This unique book, to be published and distributed by the premier wrestling merchandise and memorabilia site Wrestle Warehouse (www.wrestlewarehouse.com) is a must-read for both aspiring and established wrestlers looking to get ahead and for the curious fan wanting a look inside the everyday workings of a professional wrestling company.

For more information on the kickstarter for this project and a more details on the book itself, click here…


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