[RECAP] SoCal Wrestlefest July 13th 2014

This is Mike Draven with a recap of the SoCal Wrestlefest So Cal Wrestlefest 7-13-14 flyerevent from Los Angeles, Ca on Sunday, July 13th via YouTube.com

Robbie Phoenix def Laberinto via Triangle Choke submission

As El Ridiculoso is in the ring, Dark Capt Comic-Con makes his way to the ring & takes the mic from Ring Announcer Michael O’Garro Jr saying that Dark Capt is the only one to annouce the next person & as O’Garro leaves the ring, Dark Capt kicks the middle rope giving O’Garro a painful exit as he introduces The Human Tornado.

The Human Tornado (w/Dark Capt Comic-Con) def El Ridiculoso with a Split Leg drop connecting with a low blow then a roll up for the win.

Ruby Raze def Kitana Vera with a Saito Suplex

Eli Everfly def Ryan Kidd (w/Chaz Herrera) with Double Flying Knee drop for the win.
(Chaz Herrera cuts a promo before the match but the chants from the fans were so loud, you couldn’t make out what he was saying..sorry)

8 Man Free for All Match (Wrestlers come out every few secs):
Pinky def Ryan Ramos, Sean Black, Anthony Idol, Ali Hussein, Fern Owens, Donnie Suarez & Biagio with a Choke to Sleep finisher on Hussein for the victory.

Russian Chain on a Pole match:
Hoss Hogg def Sasha Darevko with a Clothesline to the gut with the chain wrapped around for the win.

Jacob “The Riot” Diez (w/Lizzie Sunshine) def SoCal Crazy with “Ay Diez Mio” Michinoku Driver for the win.

Lumberjack Match:
Che Cabrera def “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman

Main Event 6 man Tag Team Match:
Los Luchas (Zokre & Phoenix Star)& Willie Mack def Los Bandidos (Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido)& “Rock Superstar” Joey Kaos (w/Jezabel) with a Double 619 from Los Luchas & a Chocolate Thunder Bomb from Mack on Kaos for the win.

1st of all would like to congratuate SoCalUncensored’s Rookie of the Year Eli Everfly for putting on this event. He did a wonderful job putting things together..cudos my friend. Also want to thank my friend Roger aka Fan Del Lucha for recording the event for everyone to see. If you would like to watch the entire event, visit the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/FanDeLucha/videos

The show was action packed from top to bottom & everyone brought their unique style to each match. There’s a few matches who gave the fans a memorable match to enjoy & really showed some great chemistry, good spots & overall exciting matches, so My Matches of the Night goes to:

Eli Everfly vs Ryan Kidd

8 man free for all match

Jacob Diez vs SoCal Crazy

Tyler Bateman vs Che Cabrera

Los Bandidos/Kaos vs Los Luchas/Mack

I do hope those of you who attended the show enjoyed yourselves & I hope that this won’t be the last time we see a SoCal Wrestlefest. Again, Congrats to Eli Everfly & the entire group of talented wrestlers who performed on the event for giving a great performance in the ring.

Until next time, this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!