A Recap of the CWFH Red Carpet Rumble June 15th 2014

Shot of the Night - 06-15-14 -

This CHAOS COLUMN is a recap of the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood “Red Carpet Rumble” Taping at the Oceanview Pavilion, Port Hueneme on June 15th 2014(*** CAUTION: TV SPOILERS AHEAD ***) The big names featured on the card drew what should be the biggest crowd of the year for the promotion. Many fans bought VIP tickets to see Newly Inducted WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts, as well as Former TNA star & IWGP Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles, Trent Baretta, & Nigel McGuinness.

Special note: Match 1, and quite possibly the IWGP title match will likely not air on KDOC-TV & MavTV, but keep an eye on their programming schedule.

1 – Probable 3-on-1 Handicap Dark Match. Terex squashed Rudy Telerana, Eli Everfly, & Ali Hussein.
Terex toyed with the three lightweights, hitting his signature moves, including a few Standing Moonsaults.

* Cameras began to roll for the taping, with Jeff Reznick & Danielle in the ring to introduce Jake “The Snake” Roberts. The interview got cut short by The Grappler, who hit the ring, and argued with Jake over who “invented the DDT”. This led to them making an “arrangement” at the Red Carpet Rumble match, while Sgt. Maj. Alexander Paul came out to ringside.

2 – Joey Ryan regained the MavTV title from Vermin member Ryan Taylor.
Great back-and-forth match that saw the two exchange signature moves. Peter Avalon came out to cancel out the rest of Vermin, as they came out to surround the ring. Joey Ryan then reversed a Perfect Circle attempt into a Cradle Rollup for the pin.

* An infuriated Johnny Yuma called out PPA as the Vermin stable looked on, and asked for his tag team partner to come out for the tag team title match.

3 – The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime) successfully defended the Heritage Tag Team titles over Peter Avalon & Colt Cabana.
Another great match that turned in the champs favor when Vermin–sans Ryan Taylor–interfered, drawing the attention of PPA & Referee Jason McCord, while Goodtime snuck around, and smacked the title belt up Colt’s back, allowing Yuma to score the pin.

4 – Ricky Mandel got himself Intentionally DQ’d to keep the Heritage title from Matt Hardy.
To his credit, personally, Ricky held up pretty well against the top-notch veteran, but had to push Referee Justin Borden to get the Intentional DQ. As Ricky tried to go backstage, though, Hobo came out, threw him back into the ring, and allowed Matt Hardy to hit his signature Twist of Fate on Ricky, even if Matt isn’t “used to being around Hobo”.

Shot of the Night - 06-15-14 -

Shot of the Night – 06-15-14 –

SM – Special attraction singles match, with Nigel McGuinness as the special guest referee. A.J. Styles successfully defended the IWGP Heavyweight title over Trent Baretta.
A fantastic wrestling match, and how often do you get to see three men who once made waves in WWE, TNA, & ROH, put on quite a show in an indie wrestling ring? Rarely, at best. Very even throughout, and A.J. gave Trent a Spike Tombstone Piledriver, then held on for the Styles Clash to score the pin.

M – The Red Carpet Rumble, which should fill at least half, if not an entire TV episode. 30 men, 90-min. intervals, with the last 2 wrestlers deciding the winner in a standard singles match format.
Plenty of great action that saw Jake “The Snake” Roberts grab the big anaconda snake that accompanied him, and put it on The Grappler. The match also saw Sean “X-Pac” Waltman hit the ring as a special participant. The last four were: Ethan HD, Willie Mack, X-Pac, & Matt Striker. Willie Mack went “beast mode” in this match, with at least 11 eliminations, including the last 3. First, he threw over Ethan HD with some help from X-Pac, then he thwarted a backstabbing attempt, and threw the WWE alum over the top rope with an overhead throw. That left him & Matt Striker to go at it in the singles match format. Both men went for big moves, but it was Willie Mack who locked in the Anaconda Vise, and got the submission win, earning a shot at the Heritage title at a time of his choosing, as well as earning a spot in the United Wrestling Network title tournament.

A fantastic card on Father’s Day. Most of the big names stayed around after the taping to complete merchandise & autograph works with the fans. 6 great matches total, but I’ll give the MOTD honors to the IWGP title match, followed by the Red Carpet Rumble.

RED CARPET RUMBLE SUMMARY (As personally observed)
1 – Johnny Yuma (Eliminated 10th by Willie Mack)
2 – Peter Avalon (Eliminated 8th by Othello)
3 – Johnny Goodtime (Eliminated 16th by Willie Mack)
4 – Todd Chandler (Eliminated 1st by Yuma & Goodtime)
5 – Daniel Joseph (Eliminated 2nd by Yuma & Goodtime)
6 – Leo Blaze (Eliminated 6th by PPA)
7 – Ethan HD (Eliminated 27th by Willie Mack)
8 – Willie Mack (WINNER)
9 – Sasha Darevko (Eliminated 3rd by Willie Mack)
10 – Hoss Sutton (Eliminated 7th, possibly by Che Cabrera)
11 – Tito Escondido (Eliminated 15th by Willie Mack)
12 – Sgt. Maj. Alexander Paul (Eliminated 5th)
13 – Jake “The Snake” Roberts (Eliminated 4th by interference from The Grappler)
14 – Che Cabrera (Eliminated 9th by Willie Mack)
15 – Othello (Eliminated 10th by Willie Mack)
16 – Big Duke (Eliminated 19th by Othello)
17 – Stu Stone (Eliminated 21st by Joey Ryan & Willie Mack)
18 – Tyler Bateman (Eliminated 14th, possibly by either Willie Mack or Big Duke)
19 – Cedric The Hitman (Likely eliminated 13th by Willie Mack)
20 – Jarek Matthews (Eliminated 12th by Othello & Stu Stone)
21 – Hobo (Eliminated 22nd by Matt Striker after interference from Ricky Mandel)
22 – Eric Cross (Eliminated 18th by X-Pac)
23 – Nick Madrid (Eliminated 17th by X-Pac)
24 – Sean “X-Pac” Waltman (Eliminated 28th by Willie Mack)
25 – Joey Ryan (Eliminated 26th by X-Pac)
26 – Ryan Taylor (Eliminated 25th by Joey Ryan)
27 – Mikey O’Shea (Eliminated 23rd)
28 – Ian Sutton (Eliminated)
29 – Fidel Bravo (Eliminated 24th)
30 – Matt Striker (Last eliminated by Willie Mack)

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