A Recap of the AWS 4th Annual Woman’s Tourny, May 31st

Shot of the Night 05-31-14 AWS

This CHAOS COLUMN is a recap of AWS “4th Women’s Tournament” show at American Legion Post #355 on May 31st 2014.  Big crowd on hand for the annual card that features some of the finest women wrestlers in the indies. The 4th tournament featured one newcomer from Nor Cal (Nicole Savoy), one from Arizona (Kahmora), and one from Tijuana (Amazona).

“They are not [WWE] Divas, they are F’N PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS!”
— Bart Kapitzke


1 – Cole Pistol p. Kikyo Nakamura
Kikyo tried to be nonchalant by laying on Cole for the cover, but got it reversed in a Cradle rollup for the pin.

2 – Christina Von Eerie p. Kahmora
CVE was dominant against the Arizona newcomer, going for the head with boot strikes and headbutts, then finished it with a nice facebreaker for the pin.

3 – Nicole Savoy p. Datura
Nicole got big pops from the crowd for her stiff strikes, and three consecutive Release German Suplexes on Datura. Then she put Datura in what looked like a Guillotine Choke Hold, then snapped it into a Muscle Buster or Tiger Suplex for the pin.

4 – Amazona p. Candice LeRae
The shortest Round 1 match also had the most shocking result, as the big, curvy luchadora from Tijuana sat on Candice to counter a Sunset Flip attempt for the pin.

5 – Special tag team match. Sage Sin Supreme & Ruby Raze def. Allie Parker & Kitana Vera
All the SBWA training looks to be paying off for Sage, as her arsenal of moves & holds has improved. Combined with some great moves from Raze to take advantage of her bigger size, and they virtually dominated in the match. Raze got a big Backbreaker on Allie for the pin.


6 – Christina Von Eerie scored a submission win on Cole Pistol.
Great match that saw CVE use a Modified Scorpion Deathlock submission for the tapout.

7 – Amazona scored a submission win on Nicole Savoy.
This was where Amazona showed her full bag of moves & holds. Not only was she able to do battle with Nicole, she even kicked out of the Guillotine Choke/Muscle Buster combo. Her own submission hold had a great lucha libre flair. Apparently, she did a Chicken Wing hold with her legs, then did a Bridging Maneuver, to add in an apparent Reverse Triangle Choke, and that made Nicole tapout.

8 – Marquee Special Attraction Singles Match. Cheerleader Melissa p. Serena Deeb.  Hard-hitting, SHIMMER-caliber match between the two. In the end, it was Melissa who hit the Air Raid Crash for the pin.

Shot of the Night 05-31-14 AWS

Shot of the Night 05-31-14 AWS

9 – Hudson Envy successfully defended the AWS Women’s title over Brittany Wonder.  Great title match that saw Hudson do her own version of the Air Raid Crash to score the pin, only for Melissa to run in after the bell, and hit Hudson with the said finisher.

SM – Tournament Final. Christina Von Eerie scored a submission win over Amazona.  Great, lengthy final that saw Amazon hold her ground pretty well against CVE, but the former 2-time AWS Women’s Champion proved too much, as she used the Dragon Sleeper for the tapout.

M – The 4th Men v. Women match, and this turned out to be a 6-on-6, after some in-ring mic work from Rick Knox, then Joey Ryan.
Men: AWS Heavyweight Champion B-Boy, Joey Ryan, Lil Cholo, Hector Canales, SoCal Crazy, & Referee Rick Knox
Women: Candice LeRae, Allie Parker, Kahmora, Datura, Kitana Vera, & Kikyo Nakamura
Special Guest Referee: Ray Rosas
This match never fails to disappoint, when it comes to mixing in great comedy, with some serious wrestling. Hector went “Real Man” when going up with Kahmora & Allie Parker, then had some choice words for SoCal Crazy, when he & his newlywed wife, Kitana Vera, went at it in the ring. Candice LeRae did a few Ballsplex’es, and Kikyo apparently knocked a tooth out of Rick Knox with a Superkick, and seemingly paid for it with a Boobplex from Joey Ryan. In the end, Rick Knox snuck up behind Kitana Vera for a Cradle Rollup, and a Fast 3 from Ray Rosas to seal the deal for the men.

In all, a great card. Given the pop from the crowd, it’s a safe bet that we’ll see more of Nicole Savoy & Amazona in future AWS shows. There is also a possibility that a feud between Hudson Envy & Cheerleader Melissa may be brewing, though Hudson will have to next defend the title against Lufisto on the 7/25 show. MOTN goes to the Cheerleader Melissa/Serena Deeb match, followed by the Men v. Women match, then the CVE/Amazona match.


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