This is Mike Draven & this is Draven UnScripted with a recap of the Santino Bros Independent Pro Show in Bell gardens, ca onSantino 1-10-14 flyer Friday January 10th via Ustream.

SOCAL Crazy def Bobby Rios with a cutter in the opening contest.

Pinky def The Strike Out Kid with a Powerbomb after an attempt of a Moonsault from The S.O. Kid

Afterwards Sgt Major Alexander Paul come out to talk to The Strike out kid saying he’s need to stop listening to the fans & drop his Baseball gimmick & listen to Sgt Major Alexander in order to win at Santino Bros. They shook hands & The Strike out kid exited the ring while Alexander stayed and continued to bashed Los Bandidos. Out comes Rico Dynamite along with Jezabel until Kaos comes out to address the situation. Kaos then announced that Dynamite is now be given control of the show from here on out if he leaves ringside which he does.

Sgt. Major Alexander Paul def Bruno Santana w/a Chokeslam. Afterwards, Sgt Major continue with the beat down on Santana until Rico Dynamite hit the ring for the save.

The Martinez girls come out to the ring & tonight they represent Hoodslam USA as Bat Shelly & Robin in their match against NY Knockout Nikki.

Bat Shelly Martinez & NY Knockout Nikki went to a no contest due to the interference from Sage Sin attacking Shelly & Nikki attacking Sage.

Hoss Hogg comes out to talk about how’s he’s been held back and what he did to Eli Everfly & Ali Hussen until  Rico Dynamite comes out. He decides that the loser leaves Santino stipulation from last month is no longer valid & announces that Eli Everfly & Ali Hussen will face Hoss Hogg in 2 weeks at the next Santino Show in a 2 on 1 Handicap match.

Che Cabrera def Rico Dynamite by count out due to the ref being knocked out & Sgt Major Alexander Paul attacks Dynamite & ends up Tombstoning Jezebel in the center of the ring. Rico Dynamite takes Jezebel for medical attention & Cabrera revives the ref for the count-out victory.

Robby Phoenix def Famous B with a Cradle driver finisher.

Little Cholo def Tito Escondido with a Roll up pin.

We head into the main event with Ray Rosas takes on Willie Mack & we’re introduced to Chaz Herrera who is Rosa’s new associate who informed the crowd that Rosas will now be called El Ray as he’s sporting a new “Kingly” style.

Santino Bros Heavyweight Championship:

El Ray def Willie Mack with a “Loaded” Double Axe Handel from the top to win & retain the championship.

Santino Bros kicked off 2014 with another great show. New format going to Fridays instead of Thursdays, 8 matches instead of its usual 5 matches going close to a 3 hour show & also going Bi-weekly instead of weekly works out. The crowd was hot this evening as well but once again some glitches in the Ustream feed froze up a few seconds in a few matches.

As to my Matches of the Night,  I feel these matches had really great chemistry with each other & would love to see them face each other again:

SOCAL CRAZY vs Bobby Rios (Solid opener, overall great match)

Rico Dynamite vs Che Cabrera (good match, good ring work & adding the continuation of Sgt Major Alexander Paul is making the feud of Paul/Dyanmite very interesting)

Tito Escondido vs Little Cholo (Overall if I had to pick the best of the one’s I pick I would choose this one. Great back & fourth action, technics, ring work. Outstanding match)

Ray Rosas vs Willie Mack (Entertaining with the adding of the Nerdy Chaz Herrera to Ray Rosas is a good idea plus with the new gimmick gave Rosas more heat with fans. Rosas/Mack solid ring work, dirty attics, overall a fun match).

Santino Bros returns in 2 weeks on Friday January 24th for another great show. So until next time this is Mike Draven…signing off.