[PRESS RELEASE] Vendetta Pro “The Final Level” November 23rd

It is said that when a martial artist reaches the Final Level, that they will possess a vendetta 11-23-13 flyer 5mystical energy that can only be obtained by a true master known as the ‘Glow’.

In 1985, two masters were seeking to obtain the glow. A master who is one of the best in the world may obtain the glow in his or her hands, while only the greatest master in the world can obtain the full body glow. Bruce Leroy became that master.

Now, almost thirty years later, The Shogun of Harlem wants a rematch…

Vendetta Pro Wrestling makes it’s debut in Simi Valley, California at the Boys & Girls Club with a huge event–The Final Level! Featuring the star of the 1985 feature motion picture “The Last Dragon“, Taimak (a.k.a. Bruce Leroy)!
Also, former WCW, WWE & TNA Superstar Jimmy Yang makes his return to Vendetta Pro, as well as the return of the stars of truTV’s hit TV show “Operation Repo“, Matt Burch & Froy Tercero! In addition, the stars of truTV’s hit TV show “Storage Hunters“, Papa Bear & Jesse McClure will be appearing! An original member of the rock band GWAR, Techno Destructo, returns to Vendetta Pro! Oh, yes… and we have top Independent Wrestling stars as well!
Billy Blade defends the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship against Vintage Dragon! Lil Cholo defends the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Championship against Rik Luxury and Willie Mack! The first-ever Roland Alexander California Cup Battle Royal will take place at this event, in memoriam of our friend and founder of All Pro Wrestling. Plus, so much more hard-hitting, high-flying and exciting Vendetta Pro Wrestling action!

Tag-Team Match
Parental Discretion
Mario Banks
& Mike Menace
& Kadin Anthony
w/ Lady Vayne

One team held the All Pro Wrestling/Vendetta Pro Wrestling Unified Tag-Team Championship, and is looking to eventually reclaim what they believe is rightfully theirs. The other team consists of two hungry competitors looking to stake their claim of Vendetta Pro Wrestling gold. Former champs SU/KA takes on the vicious Parental Discretion, in a battle of two teams coming off of big wins, and now, who looking to prove that they should be the next challengers to the titles.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Tri-Force Championship
“Wrestling Personified”
Rik Luxury

w/ Markus Mac
Willie Mack
Vendetta Pro Tri-Force Champion
Lil Cholo

In what looks to be an instant classic, three of the top Independent competitors in the entire country go at it with the Tri-Force Championship on the line!
Rik Luxury, many times the Northern California Wrestler of the Year and the only Triple-Crown Champion in Vendetta Pro Wrestling history (Tag-Team, Tri-Force and Heavyweight titles), is not one who is used to being without a Championship belt. Recently losing the Unified Tag titles to Boyce LeGrande & Mustafa Saed, Luxury is looking to fill that void by reclaiming the title he has held on two occasions–the first man to have done that, and only one of two. The other? The current Champ.
While Luxury is a top Independent star in Northern California, Willie Mack is one of the top Independent stars in Southern California. The 2010 SoCalUncensored.com Wrestler of the Year has held a number of Championship titles throughout the region, and is looking to add the Tri-Force Championship to his collection, but to do it he’ll have to top not one, but two tough competitors.
The Champ, Lil Cholo, established himself as possibly the greatest Tri-Force Champion of all time and one of the top Independent stars in the entire nation in his first reign. Now in his second reign as Tri-Force Champion–only the second man to do it–he’s facing perhaps his toughest challenge to date!

Singles Match
Jacob “The Riot” Diez
Bo Cooper

Jacob Diez returned to Vendetta Pro Wrestling at Terror Rising 2013 at the Long Beach Zombie Walk after representing Apex Pro at VERSUS. Now, he’s looking to make a name for himself in Vendetta Pro, taking on the returning Punk Rock Powerhouse, Brawlin’ Bo Cooper.
Cooper returns to action not only in Vendetta Pro, but in Simi Valley where he held the MPW Heavyweight Championship. Having held the APW Central Coast Heavyweight title–a predecessor to the Vendetta Pro Heavyweight title–in the past, he’s looking to not only return to action, but to make his way to the top and become a titleholder once again.

Tag-Team Match

Kitana Vera

SoCal Crazy
2013 Luna Vachon Memorial Lunacy Cup Winner
Hudson Envy

“The Metal Head Maniac”

Kitana Vera and Hudson Envy were recently on opposite sides of the ring at Apex Pro VERSUS Vendetta Pro. Hudson Envy calls herself the “Future of Women’s Wrestling” and she is the winner of the Lunacy Cup. But it was Kitana who picked up the victory along with her VeraTerra partner Terra Calaway, so Envy is out to prove her supremacy and can do so with a victory here. However, the Vendetta Vixens are not alone. Kitana is joined by the always exciting SoCal Crazy, while Envy is teaming with the impressive Sledge. To make things interesting, this is an Inter-Gender Tag match, meaning men and women can legally compete against each other. This means Kitana Vera may have to face the dangerous Sledge, or that Envy will have to try to keep up with the former Tri-Force Champion SoCal Crazy!

Four-Corners Match
The Drunken Irishman
Ricky Ruffin
J.D. Horror
Judah Matthew

Four of Vendetta Pro’s top up-and-coming talents go at it here in this Four-Corners contest!
The master of the Drunken Irish Fist, the smooth star from Hittsville, the Creepshow psycho, and the Unholy Holy one.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Heavyweight Championship

Vintage Dragon

Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion
“The Rock of Love”
Billy Blade

At September To Remember 2013, Vintage Dragon won the Five-Shot for the Shot elimination match to earn a shot at ANY Vendetta Pro Wrestling Championship of his choosing, at any time, for a period of up to one-year. It took less than one-hour for him to cash it in. However, the Dragon didn’t want to simply steal the title away. He wants the Champion at 100%, so that he can prove to the world that he is the true top competitor in Vendetta Pro Wrestling.
Billy Blade, the Champion, retained his title at September To Remember 2013 on a technicality. He was defeated by the young challenger Ricky Ruffin, but the decision was overturned when it was revealed that Ruffin used brass knuckles–a foreign object introduced into the match by Blade himself. Billy Blade has been able to keep his title for a few months, but will his luck run out in Simi?

Battle Royal
Roland Alexander California Cup

Eighteen of the top promotions in the State of California will enter competitors into this first-ever Battle Royal with bragging rights on the line as being the first promotion to take home the California Cup!
Entered into this Battle Royal will be competitors from Vendetta Pro Wrestling, All Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Millennium Pro Wrestling, The Empire Wrestling Federation, Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy, Brian Kendrick’s Wrestling Pro Wrestling, Pro Championship Wrestling, Gold Rush Pro Wrestling, Apex Pro, MEX PRO, Battleground Pro Wrestling, The Mata Expo, Freakshow Wrestling, Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling, Lucha Libre UIPW, Alpha Omega Wrestling, and Devil Mountain Wrestling! This match will be held to honor the memory of the founder of All Pro Wrestling and a good friend to Vendetta Pro, Roland Alexander.

Main Event
Almost 30 Years In The Making!
“The Shogun of Harlem”
Jimi Mayhem

The Star of the Feature Motion Picture “The Last Dragon
“Bruce Leroy”

w/ Jimmy Yang

In 1985, two masters battled for supremacy. Bruce Leroy was the victor. Now, a new Shogun have arrived on the scene, looking to prove that while Bruce Leroy may have been the master then, it is he who is the master now!
Meanwhile, the ‘Last Dragon’ returns. Taimak, the original star of the 1985 film and an true-to-life master of the Martial Arts, will be making his Vendetta Pro Wrestling debut. The man with the Golden Glow has been training with International Pro Wrestling Superstar Jimmy Yang, who has competed in WCW, WWE, TNA and AJPW. Meanwhile, Mayhem has been training with two-time Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion Shannon Ballard, seeking to himself reach the ‘Final Level’ and get the ‘Glow’ for himself.
Who will be the one-and-only master? Find out, November 23rd in Simi Valley, California. Sho’Nuff!

Advance tickets available at the following locations:

The Arena Sports Grill & Bar
Simi Valley

Jason Flame’s Tang Soo Do University

The Wrestling Guy store
Huntington Park

and online at:

Advance tickets:
General Admission – $10
Ringside Area – $15

Front Row – $20

Tickets at the door:
General Admission – $15
Ringside Area – $20

Front Row – $25

After Party (Ages 21+) at
The Arena Sports Grill & Bar
after the show

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