[RESULTS] KNOKX PRO “Thanksgiving Turmoil” November 16th

Knokx Pro

Thanksgiving Turmoil

November 16th 2013Knox 11-16-13 flyer

Sun Valley, Ca


Two big “KnokXGiving Turmoil” championship matches (two wrestlers in the ring, with new competitors joining the match every two minutes. Elimination occurred by pinfall, submission, or being thrown over the top rope. The last person standing was awarded the championship they were competing for).


European Cruiserweight Championship KnokXGiving Turmoil:

Parker Greaves successfully retained the European Cruiserweight Championship last eliminating EyeZ In Disguise in a over 30 min match. This match featured: Money Money Montes, The Hillbilly Hero, Jezette, Pedro, Blue Holiday, EyeZ In Disguise, Gabriella Cruz, La Cara, Laura “The Body” James, Crazy Kiara Dillon,  TMD, El Mechanico,  Maverick,  El Serrucho & Parker Greaves


Urban Empire Championship KnokXGiving Turmoil:

Skyo Stu outlasted everyone & last eliminated Maverick to become the NEW Urban Empire Champion in a over 50 min match. This match featured: Maverick, Ricky The Activist, Deke Bossko, El Serrucho, Blue Holiday, Primal,  Parker Greaves,  El Mechanico,  Syko Stu,  “The Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu,  TMD,  EyeZ In Disguise, Jezette, Mr. Raymond Paulson,  Laura “The Body” James, Gabriella Cruz, Pedro,  El Presidente, The Hillbilly Hero,  Money Money Montes & Caesar Black


KnokX Pro returns with a double-header Friday, December 6th at Willie Boy’s Dance Hall & Saloon in Morongo Valley, CA and Saturday, December 7th at The Domain in Sun Valley, CA for the last show of 2013.