[RECAP] AOW “Unleashed” November 16th

This is Draven UnScripted with a full recap of Alpha Omega Wrestling “UNLEASHED” show from the Riverside Fairgrounds in Indio, Ca on Saturday November 16th.AOW 11-16-13 flyer

The show started with AOW Owner Stepdaddy Roscoe doing a special 10 bell salute to some fallen brothers in the business: Mr. Menace, Roland Alexander & Mark “Sumo” Sagato. After the salute, Ring Announcer Justin welcomed the fans, talked about the card & introduced me Mike Draven as I conducted a special interview with two men who were competing for the AOW Championship, the #1 contender Eric Watts & current AOW Champion Jacob Diez.

As both men were talking about the match, we were interrupted by Pris & The Midnight Society but before a brawl can ensued, Stepdaddy Roscoe came in, broke it up & informed that all members of The Midnight Society are in action including Pris. He also made sure that Watts & Diez were to save their energy for their match later in the evening.

And now onto the show:

El Hype def Evan James (w/Blindman Mike Chapman & Ryan J.Morals) with a Snap DDT after a pin attempt from James. After the match, an upset Mike Chapman called out reinforcements in Kevin Braveheart & J-Fury along with James & Morals & all men jumped El Hype to send a message to everyone in the locker room & especially Spectre.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the #1 contendership for the AOW Tag Team Championship:
The Monsters (Terex & Killa Gorilla) def Big & Sexy (Biggie Biggs & Sexy Chino) & The Hobo & Red Headed Stepchild when Terex hit his Standing Moonsault finisher onto Sexy Chino for the win & will face Kings of Suplexes later in the show.

AOW Womens Championship Battle Royal Match:
Pris outlasted everyone last eliminating AOW Champion of Women Dexter Milhouse (with an assist from Hudson Envy) to become the New AOW Womens Champion. Afterwards, a happy Pris along with the Midnight Society along with Hudson Envy celebrated in the ring. (The battle royal featured Crystal Michelle, Andrea the Giant, Mariah Moreno, Tab Jackson, Hudson Envy & Dexter Milhouse.)

AOW Desert Championship:
Richie Slade def Jeff Orcut & The American Oni by DQ when The Kings of Suplexes stopped Slade from pinning Oni after a Slice bread finisher. K.O.S. continue to attack Slade as the fans chanted “Cheater” towards The American Oni as he leaves with Pris & the AOW Desert Championship.

Christian Rosenberg makes his way to the ring to conduct as special interview w/Chris Law. Rosenberg praises Law for returning to the ring with multiple injuries while his schedule opponent & Indio’s own Darryl Adams is at home nursing a “Hang Nail” injury. Stepdaddy Roscoe comes to the ring & says Adams is legitimately hurt & isn’t able to be here. Rosenberg then demands that Stepdaddy proclaims Chris Law as the winner of the Best of 5 series due to forfeit. Stepdaddy says no & tells Law to find a partner because he has a tag team who wants to face him. Law & Rosenberg leave in disgust & we head into intermission.

AIWF Heavyweight Championship No DQ/Countout Match:
Badd Blood def Buddy Highway with a Swanton Bomb (and some help from LTP) to retain the AIWF Heavyweight Championship in this anything goes, hardcore style match. Afterwards, Badd Blood continues to use the belt to attack Holiday after the match & Blood/LTP poses in the ring to a round of BOO’s from the crowd.

AIWF Tag Team Championships:
Team High DF (Steven Andrews & Drake Fortune) def Chris Law & Darkness (w/ JJ Young) when Andrews took out Darkness, Fortune hits a reverse Huricarana on Law for the win & retain the championship. After the match, Darkness returns to the ring & attacks Drake Fortune with a Spinning Front Face Slam, signals JJ Young to open the casket & Darkness stuffs Fortune inside. Steven Andrews comes in to try to save Fortune only to receive another beating from Darkness & be on the receiving end of a Butterfly into a Piledriver maneuver as well as being placed on top of the casket. Chris Law enters the ring upset at Darkness for losing the match receives a Chokeslam from the monster Darkness as he & JJ Young leave the ring.

An upset Christian Roseberg rushes to the ring to check up on Chris Law & screams at Stepdaddy Roscoe for putting him into this match. Stepdaddy makes his way to the ring where he gets into a verbal confrontation with Rosenberg which lead to Rosenberg slapping Stepdaddy only to have Stepdaddy nail Rosenberg knocking him down. J.J. Steele makes his way to the ring to pull Christian Rosenberg from the ring & helps him back to the announcers table as Stepdaddy ask for forgiveness from the fans on his action.

AOW Cash in the Case Match 6 man Elimination:
(Winner to receive a Championship Match at ANY AOW/AIWF champion, anytime, anyplace)
Dexter Milhouse def LTP, “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jager, Rudy Luna, Adan Reyes & Odwun The Viking to become a 2 time Cash in the Case winner last pinning LTP after a Top Rope powerbomb pin attempt only to reverse the pinfall with another pinfall for the win.

Pandora’s Box 2 out of 3 Match: (Stipulations to be pulled from the box for each match) Ryan J. Morals vs Spectre

Match 1: Falls Count Anywhere
Ryan J. Morals def Spectre when Morals along with the Blindman’s Army dog pile on Spectre on the outside for the pinfall. 1-0

Match 2: Submission
Spectre def Ryan J. Morals by referee calling for a DQ due to the Blindman’s Army attacking Spectre as he put Morals in his inverted figure four submission. Stepdaddy orders the Blindman’s army to leave ringside for the final fall. 1-1

Match 3: Loser Leaves AOW
Spectre def Ryan J. Morals with a Death Valley Driver for the win & Morals is no longer part of AOW. After the match, a very distrout Ryan Morals is upset & attacks the referee only to have the Blindman’s Army come to calm him down. Morals attacks every member of the Blindman’s Army including Blindman Mike Chapman. Morals ends up getting Superkicked by Spectre & as the Blindman’s Army proceeded to throw Morals out of the building, Spectre grabs the mic & sings “Na Na Na Na” along with the fans.

AOW Tag Team Championship:
Kings of Suplexes (Anjul Stone & Blake Grayson) def The Monsters (Terex & Killa Gorilla) when Stone hits Terex with brass knucks & Grayson hits a corkscrew top rope finisher for the win & retaining the Tag Team championships.

AOW Championship No DQ Match:
Eric Watts def Jacob Diez with a Bicycle Kick & with an assist from LTP & Midnight Society to become the New AOW Champion. Afterwards Eric Watts took the mic & says he doesn’t need any of the fans & only needs the people in the ring, The Midnight Society as all members stood in the ring celebrating their night.


This evenings show was a solid show from top to bottom. It had a great attendance as this is Alpha Omega’s Biggest show of the year. As in any shows I attend, I have decided on which matches were my choices on Match of the Night & my MOTN are:

American Oni vs Richie Slade vs Jeff Orcut

Badd Blood vs Buddy Holiday

Ryan Morals vs Spectre

Monsters vs K.O.S.

Eric Watts vs Jacob Diez


Oni/Slade/Orcut: Great overall chemistry between all 3 competitors, good spots & with K.O.S. getting involved I can see a long feud brewing between Slade & Oni.

Badd Blood/Holiday: Hard fought match, solid work, hardcore, use of environment inside & outside of building.

Morals/Spectre: This match was good because Morals & Spectre have had a long feud in AOW where Spectre never seem to get the better hand on Morals due to interference. Add stipulations to this match made it interesting from the get go & in the end it was a nice swan song for Morals because this may have been his final Southern California match as he is moving out of state. Thank you Ryan Morals

K.O.S/Monsters: This a pure power match between the four stars with The Monsters pretty much dominating the entire match thus showing us that K.O.S. has found a team that can seriously give them a run for their money & potentially losing the AOW Tag Team titles. No matter what K.O.S. threw at The Monsters, it didn’t phase them at all & K.O.S. had to use a foriegn object to get the win otherwise we would have seen new champions…overall good showing by all.

Watts/Diez: Your classic David vs Goliath match with Diez showing speed & technical wrestling & Watts having pure strength. Diez with a heart of a champion did everything he can to bring the big man down, fighting all around ringside giving Watts everything he has only to have Watts give it right back to him. Countless near fall attempts by both men made fans jump out of their seats. When we saw LTP make his way to ringside, he was cheering on for his former tag partner thinking that a reconcile was happening.

Midnight Society has made Eric Watts life unbearable these last few month but we eventually saw the writing on the wall. While the ref back was turn, LTP kicked Diez allowing Watts go get a chokeslam & go for the pin for only a 2 count thus ending any speculation on a MixTape Kings reunion. Midnight Society then proceeded to enter the ring thinking they’re going to attack Watts & Diez but as both men seem to be joined in union, Watts took the advantage, chokeslam Diez & ordered Midnight Society to attack Diez to set up the Drive By Bicycle kick for the win. In the end, if you can’t beat them…join them mentality from Watts & Midnight Society. Overall a great match to end the night, good storytelling from everyone involved & the best I’ve seen from both Watts & Diez in the ring.

Next AOW show will be on December 14th 2013

So until next time, I’m Mike Draven….signing off.