A Recap of CWFH’s Open Door Challenge Nov. 3rd 2013

Shot of the Night 11-03-13

This CHAOS COLUMN is a recap of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s “Open Door Challenge” November 3rd 2010 at the Commerce Casino, in the City of Commerce. It wasn’t easy to keep the energy up after the three days of Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo at the L.A. Convention Center, plus a Kings hockey game at Staples Center last Saturday Night, but after watching this show, along with hundreds of others to cap the weekend, it was well worth it.

1 – PPRay (Peter Avalon [TNA’s Norv Pernum] & Ray Rosas) def. The Revolution (Che Cabrera & Sasha Darevko) for a successful defense of the Heritage Tag Team titles. Strong opener that saw plenty of back-and-forth action. Che went for a move in the corner on PPA, but ate Rosas’s Lungblower, which left him open for a Marti-Knees/Canadian Destroyer or Code Red combination for Peter’s pin.

2 – Eric Cross, Jordan Brooks, & Alex Adonis def. Rudy Telerana, Daniel Joseph, & Angel Lopez. Good back-and-forth action ended with Eric Cross pinning Daniel Joseph after Alex Adonis hit his finisher. Then he threw Alex out of the ring before he “Crossed Out” Jordan Brooks.

3 – Pinky p. Brian Weston. Since I haven’t been at the last few tapings at Port Hueneme’s Oceanview Pavillion, or haven’t been catching up on the episodes that have aired, I don’t know exactly when The Nobody’s broke apart, or how Pinky ended up turning face. Either way, Pinky was able to overcome getting his left knee picked apart by Weston, finishing him off with the Pinky Bomb.

4 – James Morgan (w/ The Family Stone) made B-Boy tapout to the Crossface Chickenwing. Good match despite the distractions from Leo Blaze, Cedric The Hitman, & Stu Stone himself. Those three men took their share of bumps for the stable, capped with Stu Stone trying for a Sleeper Hold, before being thrown over the ropes, and onto Leo & Cedric. That gave James Morgan enough recovery time to lock in his submission finisher.

5 – Joey Ryan p. Drake Younger to successfully defend the MavTV title. This was a great match that saw the two brawl outside the ring–even using the nearby stage for a few bumps. Joey was able to work his way out of 2 Drake’s Landing attempts, eventually scoring the pin w/ the 3rd Superkick.

SM – Scorpio Sky (w/ Christian Cole) KO’d Matt Striker with the Triangle Submission, scoring another defense of the Heritage title. A huge clinic on technical wrestling, where they hardly used their slams or strikes. Christian Cole used his manager’s distraction on Referee Chris Massie to prevent a rope break on the submission hold that led to the KO.

M – TNA Star Samoa Joe p. Willie Mack Excellent back-and-forth action that was worthy of being the main event. Joe managed to hit the Muscle Buster, then hit a huge Clothesline when Willie kicked out at 1 for the pin. As Jay mentioned in his article, Joe cut a promo about being a So Cal-based wrestler, and stated that Willie is “the future of professional wrestling in So Cal.”

Shot of the Night 11-03-13

Shot of the Night 11-03-13

If the main event didn’t open the doors for Willie to get offers from big promotions in the Midwest or East, then I don’t know what will. The last three matches lived up to their expectations. Ray Rosas did show the battle scars from the Halloween deathmatch at the Santinos show on Halloween Night, but seemed to have recover well from it. I’ll give my slim call for match of the night to the Joe/Willie match, followed by the Sky/Striker match, then the Joey/Drake match. Because it does take time for me to recover from a comic-con weekend, the next show I’m going to will likely be the Vendetta Pro “Final Level” show in Simi Valley, and that will come between the two sessions of the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con.

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